A Way Forward – The Nurses’ Work to Rule

Yesterday the Minister for Health, Mary Harney, spoke to 400 members of the Irish Nurses Organisation (INO) at their special delegate conference in Dublin. She told the nurses that the Health Service Executive (HSE) was looking for a ‘way forward’ in this dispute – not a ‘victory’.  I’ve got a suggestion for you Minister.

It seems to me that the nurses have already achieved their goals with their ‘work to rule’ – with HSE picking up the tab. The nurses have reduced their working hours (while on the picket line) and they’ve stopped doing all non-nursing duties such as administrative work so that they can concentrate on their patients.

We’ve been repeatedly told by HSE that it’s costing €2 million per week extra (paid out of our taxes) to manage the Health Service throughout this dispute. In fact, this morning on the radio (Morning Ireland RTE 1) I heard HSE CEO, Prof. Drumm state that it’s costing €3 million per week. Has anyone heard HSE state ‘why’ it’s costing €3 million per week?

Surely, the way forward in this dispute is there for all to see?

2 Responses to A Way Forward – The Nurses’ Work to Rule

  1. R says:

    Nurses accept offer. Strike called off.


  2. myhotlips says:

    Thanks for your comment. This is good news indeed. And I think it’s the most sensible option in the circumstances if a ‘way forward’ is to be found. It’s ‘1 all’ now for the Nurses and HSE. Let’s hope that the final score is fair and will result in a better health service for everyone.

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