A Lonely Journey – Part 2

June 1, 2007

MRSA: My Room Shared with Aliens! This is a follow-on from Part 1 of my story yesterday.

Part 2: Admission to Hospital

I was admitted to hospital in July 2005 to have an operation (external frontoethmoidectomy) carried out for the fifth time (also had numerous previous nasal endoscopic surgeries), to open up the frontal sinus above one eye to drain an abscess in the bone close to the base of my brain. I was also to have a new channel created (drilled through bone) in my skull with a stent inserted to hold open this area for the purpose of aeration and drainage. The surgery was long, but uncomplicated and I made a good recovery. About three weeks later my post-op pain began to worsen over a period of days and a hot painful swelling developed around both eyes with an unmerciless headache. I was re-admitted to hospital via A&E where a nasal swab was taken before I was transferred to a ward. In my innocence about MRSA in those days, I reckoned that the swab was just a routine procedure and thought no more about it. Four days later, after numerous different combinations of antibiotics had been administered through an IV line to little effect, my infection was still very much on the march. It was like sharing my body with an alien. Every time I slept, even if only dozing for minutes, the swelling would move around my eyes and I’d awake with a visibly different appearance, and feeling really awful. I became exhausted from lack of sleep and so when I was moved from a noisy 5-bed ward into a tiny single en suite room, I really thought that things were looking up. How wrong I was to be proved!

Read Part 3 tomorrow!