Post-Op á la Ryanair

June 4, 2007

Tomorrow I fly to the UK for a check-up with surgeon following major surgery at an NHS hospital last March. It’s going to be a long day but thanks to Ryanair, not an expensive one. I booked the day return flight online a couple of weeks ago when they had a “free seats” offer. I’ve often checked these offers out in the past and been dissappointed by all the extra charges. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to pay by credit card and the total cost was only 2 cents. No extra charges, not even a credit card fee! How good is that? It was so good I went straight back and booked my daughter onto the same flights so that we can have a fun day out together once the hospital visit is over. I don’t often seem to have luck on side but this time I was a winner. Now I’m just hoping that the check-up will go equally well.