Slí na Sláinte

I had to laugh when I saw that a large Dublin south-side hospital had recently opened a new Slí na Sláinte route. It’s a long time since I did any Irish at school but I think I’m right in saying that Slí na Sláinte translates as ‘Path to Health’. The Irish Heart Foundation quotes that “it is hoped by making walking an available and attractive choice, within and around the hospital, that the daily 30 minutes physical activity recommendation, will be easier to achieve”. While walking is definitely a healthy option (and it’s great that staff and patients alike are being encouraged to exercise), I’m afraid it’s not to a hospital I’d go if I was looking for a healthy way to improve my lifestyle. What with the MRSA problem and the winter vomiting bug lurking in our hospitals, I think I’ll look elsewhere to improve my health -thank you very much!

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