I must be dreaming

June 19, 2007

Would someone pinch me please. On the front page of the Irish Times today I read “HSE fails to spend nearly fifth of capital budget – The Health Service Executive failed to spend €97.7 million that was allocated to it by the Government for new developments and facilities last year, it has emerged”. Unable to believe I’m really reading this, I turned on the lunchtime news to hear Mary Harney, our Minister for Health, comment on the situation. “We don’t want to spend this money just for the sake of spending it” the Minister said.  Now I really must be dreaming I’m hearing this.

How about spending it just for the sake of saving some lives!  The mind boggles when you consider all the areas of the health service that are crying out for funding.  Just imagine what could be done with €97.7 million. Dream on!