Planet Beverley

I don’t know what planet Bertie and Beverley are on but the rules there seem to be very different to the rules I have to follow. Beverley Flynn, T.D. in Mayo was declared bankrupt following the legal action she took against RTE, which failed. She subsequently was expelled from the Fianna Fail party after losing her libel action. Next we hear following the recent election that An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern has her support as an independent deputy and that he would like to welcome her back into Fianna Fail “her natural home” once she settles her debts. And surprise, surprise, today Beverley announces during an extended interview on the News at One, that she has reached an agreement with RTE to settle for half of the costs involved and owes no apology to anyone. The arrogance of it is unbelievable! And when asked if she considers that she might serve in the Cabinet during the lifetime of this government, she replied “one step at a time – I’ve been through a tough time”. My heart bleeds for you Bev – yeh right! One thing has become abundantly clear to me however – I’ll have to get myself some Brasso to polish up my neck!

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