Que sera, sera

I won! I won! I made the right choice and the battle is won. The diverticulitis has gone into retreat.

It was a close call though. Last night I was seriously thinking I’d have to go looking for help and own up to my self-medicating ways but today instead, I’m celebrating ‘beating the system’. On this occasion luck was on my side – the antibiotic kicked in overnight and I’m feeling better by the hour today. I’m not out of the woods yet but I’ve definitely turned a corner in the right direction. Now I don’t advocate self-diagnosis/self-medication as a rule but sometimes it does work in your favour. I’m pretty certain that otherwise I would have been hospitalised with the symptoms I had and, because of my previous medical history – so I know I got off lightly this time. And just look at all the money I saved our ailing health service by choosing to stay in my own bed! Antibiotics are causing a lot of problems in the world these days but when you really need them, they are a life saver. While I’m aware that overuse of antibiotics generally in the health service is to blame for my history of MRSA infection, the reality is I wouldn’t be here without them!

Life has looked up again, the sun is out and things are looking good. I will own up to the Docs in due course but it won’t be an apology!

2 Responses to Que sera, sera

  1. Harry says:

    Hey Steph,

    Excellent news! I’m really pleased for you. I blogrolled you btw – am always interested in patient blogs, it’s a valuable insight into what people on the other end of the stethoscope are thinking and particularly important for medics to understand.

    I’ll keep reading for sure 🙂

  2. Glenn says:

    yes, well done. it is not necessary to have load of medication. sometimes just a change in lifestyle is exactly what you need.

    I think your well on your way and hopefully wont see the D back again.

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