Up Yours!

It’s come to that. There’s only so long people can wait for help when their lives are on the line.

It’s been well-documented over recent years that Co Donegal has a raw deal when it comes to cancer services. There are unacceptably long delays for cancer screening in the region and patients who have had surgery, have to travel long distances to access chemotherapy and radiotherapy services. As you can imagine, this places a huge strain physically, emotionally and financially on the patients, and their families. It’s wrong and it shouldn’t be happening. The HSE is well aware of the deficiencies in the system but has failed to take action.

Well, Donegal has got fed-up waiting. A not-for-profit organization, the North West Wellness Committee (a voluntary group), has set about correcting the problem themselves. Through voluntary fund-raising, they plan to buy a breast-screening machine and hope “to have breast screening available to women in Co Donegal as early as next spring. It then aims to build a community cancer clinic within three years and has already had an 11 acre site donated for the purpose. All funds will be raised voluntarily and any profits made will be re-invested back into the cancer services”.

Now that’s what I call efficiency. This group could teach the HSE a thing or two about not-for-profit health care. The HSE should hang their heads in shame and they deserve to have their faces rubbed in it.

Only, please remember to wash your hands afterwards!

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