I wrote recently on the subject of miscarriage and commented on how things have changed for the better over the years. Well, it appears that hospital practice has yet to change in some hospitals. My heart goes out to the parents in this instance in an NHS hospital in the UK. The treatment they received recently following the loss of their baby through miscarriage, is unacceptable. It will have done nothing to help the grief process. When I miscarried my baby son twenty years ago, my husband and I were asked if we would like to see him. He was brought to us lying in a blue injection tray with his tiny little body covered by paper towelling. I remember thinking that this was an undignified way in which to present us with our baby but as I was so overwhelmed with grief at the time, I never commented on it. However, I’ve never forgotten the distressing image of that blue plastic tray and sadly, my experience is in no way unique.

The Miscarriage Association of Ireland some years ago set about addressing this problem in our maternity hospitals. They designed a little fleece wrap to enable babies that have been lost through late miscarriage, to be handed to their parents with the dignity and respect they deserve. Thankfully today, these wraps are now part of hospital supplies in each maternity unit in Ireland. The NHS, it appears, still has a lot to learn.

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