Susie Long deserved better

Our Minister for Health, Mary Harney has finally admitted today that the Health service failed Susie Long. She stated that Susie’s experience was “unacceptable”. Am I surprised to hear this now? Not one bit – this is exactly the sort of behaviour I’ve come to expect from our government.

I can only respond by saying that today is too late to make this admission – Susie died last Friday – and I find it very unacceptable that the government has waited until after her death to publicly admit to their failure. Susie did more good for our health service in one year than any Minister for Health has ever achieved. She turned her own personal tragedy into a force for positive change. At her cremation service this week her husband read a passage titled “Not how she died, but how she lived”. Susie believed in human rights and social justice for everyone and she firmly believed that queue jumping was wrong. Her untimely death was brought about by the failure of this government to provide an equitable health service for all. It’s too late for apologies. Susie deserved so much more.

One Response to Susie Long deserved better

  1. Laura Pywell says:

    Susie and I met when we were 7 yrs old. We went to school together and became best friends. As adults, she moved to her wonderful Ireland and we kept in touch for the most part. My husband died of cancer and Susie and her two beautiful children came back to Ohio and visited me. I saw her every time she was here for a visit. I moved a few years back to Colorado and lost touch with her. A friend of mine had said they heard she was ill and I searched the internet for the hospital she may have been in as I no longer had her phone number. It was on that Friday, that horrible Friday, that I found out. The day she passed was the day I so desperately looked to find her. I am so full of regret. I am so very proud of her fight. I am so angry with what she had to go through. I am a nurse of 20 years and I can only honor my childhood best friend by hoping to know her friends, her colleagues, her family better than I was able in previous years. Please, anyone who knew her, please email me with anything you’d like to share and please pass this on as I wouls love to hear stories of my dear friend and I am ever so longing to share mine. My email is
    Thank you so much, Laura

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