Give us this Day our daily brew

I love coffee. You could say I’m hooked on it. I love the smell of it and the taste of it – even the thought of it is enough to brighten my day. It’s not a vice but a simple pleasure in life.

For me, the best coffee of all is the one I make myself. I have my own favourite way of going about things and I think that in reality, I get as much pleasure from brewing the stuff as I do from drinking it. It’s definitely a ritual that is very much part of my life. On days when I awake feeling groggy, I go straight for the coffee beans and make-up a good fix to chase away sleep. Coffee awakens my taste buds and increases my alertness and readiness to face another day. I adore the smell of fresh coffee and I’m well-renowned for my habit of inhaling from a freshly opened bag. I feel sure that if I didn’t have this passion I might have ended up being a smoker. There are lots of similarities between the two habits though I’m very happy to add that I never took to smoking. I often find myself planning ahead for the next fix and I’m known for brewing up good coffee in some of the strangest of places. Coffee is a great socializer – many of the ups and downs of life have been shared over a mug of coffee. Like everything else though, safety is in moderation and so these days I make sure to limit my intake to 2-3 mugs per day.

The first sign of any illness with me is that I lose all interest in coffee. It just doesn’t taste right when I’m unwell. However my family have come to learn over the years that as soon as I start to want to drink coffee again, it’s a sure sign I’m getting better. Hospital stays can pose a bit of a problem for real coffee drinkers. I’ve spent a lot of time in hospital and after years of giving out about the revolting stuff served up there, I solved the problem quite simply by buying a small travel kettle. As soon as I get over the initial crisis of any illness, I ask the family to bring in my kettle along with some disposable coffee filter units so that I can make my own early morning fix. I’ve always been an early riser and it can be a very long wait until breakfast is served in hospital. With the curtains drawn around my bed, I’ve often brewed up coffee before 6am while the rest of the ward is still snoring. Of course I’d be in real trouble if the night nurses ever found out but then necessity is the mother of invention. I look upon it as my way of touching base with reality in an otherwise unreal world.

When I was cooped up in an isolation room for many weeks due to an MRSA infection, having my own supply of coffee was like a lifeline. I’m sure it was the key to staying sane. I can recall one particularly annoying night nurse whom I detested and it used to give me great pleasure to outwit her by secretly brewing coffee early in the morning. I’d then spray the room liberally with body spray afterwards and give the nurse a big grin whenever she barged in with medication hoping to wake me up. It gave me great pleasure to beat her at her own game. It’s crazy what you have to do sometimes just to stay in control!

Yes, life without coffee would be very dull indeed. That’s it, I’m off to make some right now.

6 Responses to Give us this Day our daily brew

  1. Grannymar says:

    Will you make one for me while you are at it?

    Black and one sugar please.

  2. Coffee I can do without – the stuff has never appealed ever since I found a fly in my very first cup of coffee at the tender age of ten. It put me off for life. Now cocoa on the other… that I can wax lyrical about!

  3. Steph says:

    Hi folks

    I’m afraid I don’t ‘do’ sweet drinks except for hot toddies of course!

    AV – you don’t know what you’re missing but I guess you’d say the same to me about cocoa 😉

  4. robert says:

    That is so true!

    I love coffee but it is never the same unless I make it myself. And again like yourself If it starts to taste a bit unusual then it is usually a sign of me coming down with something.

    My big indicator of a chest infection is that I can’t stop smoking. Of course I know I shouldn’t be smoking to begin with but when cigarettes taste a certain way then I know that is me on a halt for a couple of weeks.

  5. Harry says:

    Coffee, an acquired taste that I am yet to acquire. I used to work in starbucks, and absolutely loved the smell of the stuff. A real pleasure to work with 🙂

  6. bendygirl says:

    It was always tea for me. I couldn’t stop drinking it, endlessly. Then it just started to make me sick a couple of years ago, I’m still not really sure why, and eventually I gave up on it. I still miss it, but very rarely bother with either tea or coffee, just drink endless mugs of boiled water, usually with a little bit of lemon and honey in. Much healthier, but just not the same! You’re right, there’s something so sociable about coffee(or tea) BG x

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