What’s your view?

January 14, 2008


Last week I learnt that my blog had been short-listed as a finalist in the Medical Blog Awards 2008. I was initially chuffed to have been nominated for this award and was then even happier to find that my blog had been short-listed by the judges, but that’s where my delight ended. I simply do not agree with public voting as a means of selecting a winner and therefore I’ve chosen to boycott the voting system and to accept the consequences.

Polls opened for public voting last Wednesday and are due to close on Sunday 20 January 2008. Thanks to anyone who’s already given me a vote – it’s good to know that you like my blog. However, the results tally so far appears to prove my point and I now suspect that I’m not the only finalist to hold this viewpoint. ‘The Biospy Report’ currently has the lowest number of votes in it’s category. I’ve no doubt that this is because of my decision not to canvass anyone for their vote though I accept that this will not be the only reason 😦

I believe that if awards are to have any real meaning, then they should be based on merit, not on popularity. What value can you put on an award when the system of voting is so open to abuse?

The Irish Blog Awards this year seem to think likewise.

There are two judging rounds this year, so every nominated blog will be judged. No public vote means it is about quality, not the number of people who like you”.

I’d like to thank Medgadget for hosting this award, but um … no thanks if this really is their method of judging?