Have Your Say


I am a patient; I am an MRSA story; I am one voice; I am not alone.

If you have a story about the health service in Ireland and would like to air your views, here is your opportunity.

Newstalk 106 would like to hear from you about your experience, be it good, bad, happy, sad or inspiring.

You can email your story to healthfamine@newstalk.ie or text HEALTH to 53106 (texts cost 30c).

All day on Wednesday 20th February 2008, Newstalk radio will be taking your calls, comments and stories about the health system. Stories will be aired throughout the day.

On Thursday 21st February, your comments will be fed into a live debate on Your Call with Brenda Power from 9am.

This is your chance to have your say about the health service. Don’t miss it!

7 Responses to Have Your Say

  1. Grannymar says:

    I hope you will be taking part Steph.

  2. Caoimhin says:

    I agree with Grannymar, hope to hear you on the show Steph! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Steph says:

    Thanks guys!

    I’d welcome any opportunity to air my views on the health service. I know that Newstalk were hoping to get either Prof Drumm or Mary Harney involved in the debate but realistically, I don’t envisage that being a runner. I think it can be anticipated that they’ll be bombarded with unhappy service users so getting heard might prove difficult. I’m going to email Newstalk now anyhow to outline my stance. Watch this space!

  4. Dr Thunder says:

    I hope that if they get Drumm or Harney on board, that they’ll take the flack for some of this mess. Sadly, most radio debates just make me more demoralised, as it’s the people on the front line who get demonised.

    We hear stories about how we don’t wash our hands, when me and several of my colleagues have all suffered broken, dry skin from washing our hands innumerable times each day with the crappy health service soap.

    Overcrowding is a much bigger source of MRSA in hospitals at the moment than staff handwashing, which is pretty good according to the government’s own audits.

    Instead of the add campaign urging patients to ask healthcare professionals “have you washed your hands?” there shoud be one telling people to ask their local TD “have you solved the overcrowding problem yet?”.

    There ain’t a lot of MRSA in non-overcroded private hospitals ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Steph says:

    Thanks Doc Thunder

    So far, Drumm and Harney have ignored the invitation from Newstalk to take part in tomorrow’s debate. Surprise! surprise!

    I’ve been listening to the many comments broadcast today and hospital staff have received plenty of praise. Many complaints have been about the long waiting lists, poor conditions in A&E and lack of nurses on the wards. Lots of good news stories reported too about care and compassion received.

    The HSE’s hygiene campaign is a joke. The onus of responsibility should not be put on patients to confront their healthcare practitioner about hand hygiene. This campaign challenges the trust that exists between healthcare professionals and their patients.

    I’ve seen plenty of evidence that a huge void exists in hospitals around infection control. Better education is needed across the board though I realise that many would say that unless/until adequate facilities are provided, MRSA will continue to be a huge problem.

    I agree with you about overcrowding and MRSA. The bed occupancy rate at over 100% in Ireland is a big factor. Dirty hospitals are another source. However even in the non-crowded private hospitals, it only takes one infected person in a shared room to infect another, as I know to my cost ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. Baino says:

    It’s a good initiative Steph. Sadly I don’t qualify or I’d be happy to contribute!

  7. Steph says:

    Thanks! Baino – I didn’t exactly have much success myself.

    I heard this morning that the programme was completely bombarded with texts and emails so at least that confirms I’m not alone in my thoughts about the health service.

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