Enough is Enough


If you’re sick of our health service, or lack of one, here is your opportunity to campaign for better healthcare. A march and rally has been organised in Dublin to demonstrate public dissatisfaction with the health service. The time has come to show the Minister for Health that enough is enough!

An umbrella group of health unions and patient campaign groups are urging the public to come out in large numbers next Saturday 29th March, and support the march. The rally will assemble from 2.30pm at Parnell Square, Dublin where it will be addressed by speakers, before proceeding to Molesworth Street.

The following speakers will address the rally:

Prof. John Crown, Consultant Medical Oncologist

Conor MacLiam – husband of the late Susie Long

Representatives from the following groups will also contribute:

Doctors Alliance for Better Health Care

Irish Nurses Organisation (INO)


Health Services Action Group

Patients Together

MRSA and Families

Recent cutbacks in government spending have resulted in further suffering for Irish patients. Our government has failed miserably in it’s commitment to deliver an equitable health service based on need. The bureaucrats within the Dept of Health and the HSE should be shamed for the long litany of dysfunction within the health service. Patients have suffered for too long without the basic healthcare they deserve. It’s time for change.

Please support this march to show you care. I’ll be there – will you?

14 Responses to Enough is Enough

  1. Grannymar says:

    I’ll be there in spirit. I hope the weather is fine and the crowd enormous.

  2. Steph says:

    Thanks! GM

    Mary Harney is due to address the Irish Medical Organisation at their annual conference on Saturday night (same day as the rally) so I expect you’ll be able to see the sparks from Norn Iron!

  3. Enough is enough …. same slogan used by the I.N.T.O a few years ago and the education sector is still the poor relation alongside health.

  4. Steph says:

    That’s funny! Paddy

    While I’m visiting you, you’re here visiting me and we’re both shouting the same thing 😀

  5. Bendy Girl says:

    How fantastic, I hope it goes really well and look forward to hearing all about it! BG

  6. Caoimhin says:

    Professor John Crown is one of the most articulate and interesting speakers on the subject of Irish health care, I hope the politicians listen! 🙂

  7. Steph says:

    Thanks! BG – unfortunately, the weather does not look good for tomorrow but it’ll take a lot more than rain to dampen the spirit of the 70,000 people expected to turn-out.

    Caoimhin – I’ve been following John Crown’s stance on the health service for many years. He is a fantastic patient advocate and I’m hugely looking forward to hearing him speak tomorrow.


  8. Baino says:

    I’ll wave a flag! Love a good protest. Good luck. I like to see affirmative action.

  9. Steph says:

    I’m back, Baino. I’m also almost hoarse from shouting…

    “What do we want?
    A decent health service
    When do we want it?

    Great rally, I’ll blog about it tomorrow.

  10. Dr.JaneDoe says:

    I hope someone at this thing brings up the subject of humane shift lengths and working conditions for junior doctors. That impacts on patient care a LOT more than people realise. I give much better care here in NZ than I ever did at home as I am not exhausted, demoralised and I have job security. Even though I am paid a LOT less! Plus, all the good docs leave! The top ten people in my class ALL left for USA, Australia, Canada, NZ, and UK, and none have come back as they knew they could do better. And it happens every year. And it will keep happening.

  11. That’s amazing, Steph. I wish someone would think of doing that here as it’s quite evident that our health minister lost the plot a very long time ago!
    Good luck, hope it creates the desired effect.

  12. Steph says:

    Jane – thank you for your comment.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you about the conditions junior docs are expected to endure here and the fact that it’s driving so many away to far shores. I’m sad to report however that there was no evidence yesterday of support for the rally from Junior Doctors although it’s likely their union may have been represented.

    AV – thank you for your support. Maybe our rally will have a ripple effect across the world. Our Minister for Health has quite definitely lost the plot.


  13. Dr.JaneDoe says:

    Is it any surprise? We cannot speak out as we will be labelled “troublemaker”. We keep our heads down and our fake smiles on for fear of losing our next reference, our next job, our only chance to train in Ireland where our families are. I would not speak out and be “the voice of a generation” back home. Who would? We are kept exhausted, in fear, and on contracts of 6 months to a year after which we must job hunt all round the country, to remind us of our place.

    I sometimes think of what I put up with and I can’t believe it.

    Also, the IMO is technically the NCHD union and not the consultant union although small subsections are there to represent all the groups. So the NCHD representation, such as it is, was actually there. I’m not surprised people think the IMO isn’t the NCHD representation-they spend most of their time and our extortionate membership fees defending the consultants interests anyway. Pregnant NCHDs work 50 hours straight shifts as part of 100hour weeks with no sleep or scheduled breaks and suffer complications from this, the employers laugh all the way to the bank, as they violate our contractual rights time and time again and the IMO negotiates salary increases for consultants.

    Just thinking about it makes me enraged all over again.

  14. Dr.JaneDoe says:

    It’s AWESOME that an actual rally was held about this though. Frankly I never thought anyone in Ireland was ever going to get off their arse and say anything about any of this, ever. Me included. The system in Ireland needs a LOT of reform, but the heart is in the right place. Socialised medicine is the mark of a civilised society. We could not let medicine be privatised and go back to a dog eat dog capitalist privatised system like the US. It’s unthinkable. I respect the idea of the public system and free medical care more than anything. First Dr.X, now a rally. Maybe there’s hope yet?

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