You wanted more

Here is another opportunity to join the Health Debate.

Motion:This House Believes That The

Irish Health System Fails The Disadvantaged”

Tuesday 8th April 2008, Exam Hall, TCD @ 6pm

Speakers include:

Mary Harney (Minister for Health & Children)

Dr Sean Barrett (Lecturer in Economics, TCD)

Frank Mills (HSE)

Prof John Crown (Consultant Medical Oncologist, St Vincent’s Hospital)

Audrey Deane ( St Vincent de Paul Society)

Fergus O’Farrall (Adelaide Society)

Prof Orla Hardiman (Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont Hospital)

It’s a fantastic line-up of speakers. I intend to be there too!

12 Responses to You wanted more

  1. Grannymar says:

    Well done to whoever organised this event. I hope and pray it is well attended.

  2. Grannymar says:

    I have stolen the info to give it another plug

  3. Nasir says:

    great event …….

  4. Caoimhin says:

    Ask them the tough questions Steph! By the way, where has Nonny gone off to??

  5. Steph says:

    Thanks everyone.

    The calibre of the speakers involved will make for a fascinating debate. I shall go armed with my reporter’s note-pad and will endeavour to bring you a flavour of it on these airwaves next week.

    Caoimhin – in answer to your question, I know that Anonymous Nonny was having problems with the comment facility on her site so I guess it’s undergoing a make-over right now and I’ve no doubt, Nonny will be back!

  6. Darragh says:

    Hey there, how does one attend/get themselves in the audience? If you could let me know I’d really appreciate it 🙂

  7. Steph says:

    Hi Darragh

    I’d imagine it’s first come, first served!

    I know no more than you about this debate but when I spotted the above poster publicly displayed online, I reckoned it must be a free for all in the same way that many other TCD debates are open to the public to attend. The panel of speakers is a real coup for the TCD VdeP Society (for which incidentally, there is no membership fee) and I’m sure it will attract a huge audience. I featured this event as many of my readers have an interest in the future of our health service and may wish to attend the debate.

  8. Bendy Girl says:

    What a great idea. I look forward to hearing all about it Steph, BG x

  9. Darragh says:

    Excellent, thanks for the reply. Maybe see you there!

  10. Ian says:


    I notice the HSE logo in the top left corner with the SVP logo in the top right. It looks as though there is official endorsement which probably means the minister will be shielded by the chair. I think there are probably too many speakers – a head to head between the minister and John Crown would probably have worked better!

  11. […] When I first saw the list of speakers lined-up to participate in the Health Debate, I couldn’t believe my luck. This was a prime opportunity to hear our Minister for Health […]

  12. […] seen at the Health Debate in Trinity College Dublin on 8th April, […]

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