All Tagged Out

I’ve been tagged by Mousie. Now Mousie’s not someone you mess about with as one day you may end up on a trolley in her A&E Dept and that’s when you’ll be glad you did as she asked! Having said that, I’ve never been good at obeying rules so I’m going to do my own thing with this meme. If you want to see how it should have been done, pop on over to Mousethinks and, be impressed.

I’ve been asked to share some facts about myself, some random, some weird. As the theme of this blog is medical/health-related, I’m going to stick with my medical misadventures. Here goes!

I am a twin. My mother spent the final month of her pregnancy in a small nursing home, on strict bed rest. My twin brother arrived into this world 20 minutes ahead of me but he arrived so quickly, my mother never made it to the delivery room. They tried to transfer my mother immediately afterwards but I decided to arrive while she was on the stairs. She was rushed back to her bed just in time for my delivery. In all the excitement, my brother got forgotten and was later rescued from under the bedclothes. That all happened 50 years ago last May.

I once smashed my big toe when my ‘hot jar’ landed on it. When I was a little girl, we didn’t have the luxury of rubber hot water bottles. I had a heavy ceramic jar filled with hot water, with a large ceramic screw lid on top and it was used to take the chill off the bed as our house had no central heating at that stage. Anyway I managed to drop this thing on my foot one day causing my toe to bleed profusely. I can recall having my foot immersed in a basin of hot water (with Dettol) and watching the water turn bright red. I also remember my Dad giving me a piggy back every day into school. A few week’s later I felt something peculiar in my sock and found a discarded toe nail.

During my college days, I was the proud owner of a gold Yamaha 50cc motorbike having worked for a whole summer in a German canning factory, to fund it. One dark wet winter’s evening on driving home, an oncoming car suddenly turned across my path without warning, at a road junction. In that split second, I had a clear choice. 1) to crash into the side of the car or 2) to take evasive action and swerve into the path of oncoming traffic. I chose to hit the car and I can still recall the ‘thump’ and the sensation of being catapulted through the air, over the roof of the car. I was lucky in that I survived and was carted off to hospital by ambulance but I lost my dear bike that night. It took many years before I rid myself of the nickname, Evel Knievel.

Those of you who have read this blog before will know that I have an inherited connective tissue disorder (EDS) which leaves me prone to joint laxity. I’m right-handed and so my right shoulder takes the brunt if/when I have a fall. After several dislocations it eventually got to the stage where I needed surgery to stabilise my right shoulder joint. The surgeon carried out a ‘Putti-Platt’ procedure to shorten the ligaments and prevent further dislocation. Now no matter how hard I try, I cannot rotate my right arm outwards (no external rotation) to reach things on my right side. Think about this, the next time you reach for your driver’s seat belt.

And that’s as far as I got last night before I became all tagged out and went to bed feeling rotten. I’ve not been feeling well since last Friday having woken with marked congestion in my nasopharynx (area behind nose and above soft palate) but with no sign of a cold or sore throat. The congestion continued over the weekend and I began to feel like I was fighting a viral infection. My husband had to abandon the bed by Sunday night as loud snoring prevented him from getting any decent sleep. Yesterday, the congestion moved on up into my forehead and overnight it turned into a fulminating infection with pus literally bubbling over in my head. With my past history, I cannot afford to take risks so I headed to the doctor first thing this morning to get nasal swabs taken before starting on an antibiotic. So my medical misadventures are ongoing. I’m going to call it a day now as my head feels like it’s been taken over by aliens. I’m not going to tag anyone with this meme for fear it may be infectious. Enjoy the lucky escape!

9 Responses to All Tagged Out

  1. Grannymar says:

    Poor Steph always in the wars!

    Slow down and take it easy! Tjhat’s an ORDER from Grannymar.

    Get well soon >—-((^_^))—-<

  2. mousie says:

    Who? Me? Nahhh, I’m a pussycat really!

    Just ask my victims…

  3. Robin says:

    not another infection I hope!

    Good one with the meme, nice to do it different! (Personally I refuse!)

  4. Steph says:

    Thanks! folks

    I’m logged in but still tagged out. A right royal battle continues.

    The aliens have been stopped in their tracks since chemical warfare was declared on them. The next 24 hours will determine the nature of the beast that has taken up residence in the right side of my head.

    I’ve no wheels on my chariot today so have been temporarily forced to retreat and obey Grannymar’s orders!

    I don’t DO white flags!

  5. Baino says:

    Awww petal.. it’s going around the world believe me. My boss, who is NEVER sick has just had 9 days off work on hard core antibiotics for a severe chest infection and is still barking like a rabid dog. I broke my toe last month. It’s healed but looks a bit squiffy . . no blood thank goodness. Get well poppet. Oh . . and I think I snore but if nobody hears it . . .bit like one hand clapping or a tree falling in the forest right? Hugs and schnuggles.

  6. Steph says:

    Enjoyed that! Thanks Baino

    My laptop is the only one who’ll share my bed these days!

  7. Harry says:

    Woah they forgot about your twin brother?!! Was he okay?

    So were you a rocker in your college days Steph? (not a Paul Weller fan I’m guessing)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Steph says:

    Yeah, he was fine, Harry – serves him right for kicking me to the back of the queue to get out! ๐Ÿ˜€

    When you reach my age, things come round again. Quite a few of my friends have gone back to enjoying motor bikes (serious ones) and come the weekend, they set off with their wives in the coordinated leather gear. I used to love the freedom of biking (I did go back to it after my accident) but there’s no doubt, it’s a risky business.

    Now that I think of it, I did my first driving test on a motorbike. On the morning of the test my bike refused to start so I had to borrow my brother’s Honda 90. His indicators weren’t working which meant I had to do hand signals for the test but I still passed! The car test was a doddle after that! ๐Ÿ˜€

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