Paying the Price

May 8, 2008

Today, I came across an article at which lifted my spirits. It was refreshing to find such a well-balanced look at the multiple problems within our health service. Claire O’Reilly, a former nurse, spent a night in A&E last year because of complications following an angiogram. She has decided as long as she has the choice, never to return to an A&E department again. You can find Claire’s article here.

I was delighted to find another patient and former healthcare worker, who is prepared to stick her head above the parapet and ask pertinent questions about our health service. Claire blames the nurses, her own profession, for failing to speak out and take action about the conditions endured by patients. She believes that Mary Harney and Brendan Drumm are not listening to advice given and have forgotten about the patients in their determination to reform the system. She accuses them of constantly talking about the cost of running the health service and asks if they cannot see that it is the patients who are paying the ultimate price!

Patients are suffering and will continue to suffer as long as they remain silent. The time has come for everyone to join forces and make their voices heard. Please don’t wait until another scandal happens. Our new Taoiseach was installed yesterday. What better time to start?