Anyone for Tennis?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. For the next two weeks, I shall be glued to the television screen at every available opportunity, watching the Ladies Singles draw unfold. This year, my money’s on the Serbian player, Ana Ivanovic to win the title. She’s the top seed and the world No. 1 player having just won her first Grand Slam at the French Open, so she’s got it all going for her.

I’ve been hooked on Ladies tennis for as long as I can remember. I used to love playing the game myself but my funny joints (EDS) put a stop to play so these days, I merely enjoy it as a spectator sport. Last year, I made my first ever trip to Wimbledon to see the real thing. I booked the flights in advance of my operation in March so that I’d have the trip to look forward to after the surgery. It was a fantastic experience but now that I’ve done it, I’m happy to watch the Championships from the comfort of my own home. In all of the many years I’ve had surgery, I’ve never managed to time it right so that I can really put my feet up to enjoy the tennis. My family always groan when Wimbledon fortnight arrives as meals have to wait their turn. Even blogging is likely to suffer so don’t say you weren’t warned!

I’ve just dropped my daughter off to the airport for an early morning flight to the sun. She’s knows better than to stick around when Wimbledon is on. It’s every man for himself for the next two weeks. Perhaps my marriage vows should have read “For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and for Wimbledon.”

8 Responses to Anyone for Tennis?

  1. Grannymar says:

    Enjoy the games and the rest!

  2. Steph says:

    Thanks! GM

    I hope to watch some tennis from the nursing home today and will time my journey home carefully in between the important matches. I know, I’m besotted with tennis!

  3. Bendy Girl says:

    Enjoy! I went to wimbledon when I was a teenager, we queued all night to get tickets, it was amazing! BG x

  4. Geri Atric says:

    Enjoy yourself Steph. Don’t forget the strawberries and cream!

  5. Baino says:

    Aha! Not a great sports watcher myself but the finals are on very late here and have been known to cheer on Lleyton Hewitt (who hasn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting anywhere this year.) Although I am partial to Federer and may watch for the eye candy! Enjoy it you couch potato you! (ClareBear’s in London now trying to get tickets for one of the games!)

  6. Steph says:

    Thanks folks1

    BG – I chanced my arm going to Wimbledon last year without any tickets. Having met up with my brother, we only queued for about 20 mins to get into the grounds as the rain of the previous few days had put loads of people off turning up. We’d no rain all day long and got front row seats on Court 2 for some excellent matches. We also got to watch matches on Centre Court and Court 1 towards the end of the day. I loved every minute of it!

    Geri – I skip on the cream as it might spoil the effect of the bubbly 🙂

    Every year for Ladies Singles Final Day, I join up with a friend to pop a cork and scoff strawberries while we enjoy the match.

    Baino – I’ve been known to get up at some unearthly hour of the night to watch the US and Australian Open Finals on the box. I much prefer the women’s tennis to the men’s but usually end up getting sucked in by it anyhow.

    Tell ClareBear that even if she doesn’t get a ticket, to go along anyhow as she may hit lucky on the day like I did (see above comment). Once inside the grounds, you can purchase tickets to the courts from a ‘tickets for re-sale’ box office and we got a see a lot of the top seeds this way. Even if you don’t get seated tickets, you can still watch lots of matches free of charge from standing terraces, or on the outside courts. The atmosphere is magic!

    Couch potato? Look who’s talking! 😉

  7. Harry says:

    My family is like that whenever the cricket comes on, and personally I hate that sport! As for tennis, a little more interesting but my true passion has to be for the formula one! – did you see Monaco a few weeks ago?!?! Though I did miss the last one as we moved into our flat and don’t have a tv yet 😦

    My friends always used to moan when Wimbledon came on as they’d always cancel Neighbours – something else I was secretly pleased for!

    Sorry for not commenting in yonks, haven’t had the internet, and was bogged down in revision. Hope all is good Steph!

  8. Steph says:

    All is good… thanks! Harry

    You needn’t worry… I’ve no interest in football and cricket!

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