Saving the HSE

The Health Service Exexutive (HSE) was established on January 1st, 2005, a few months after Mary Harney took over as Minister for Health. At the time she promised that the HSE would bring about a more integrated, effective and accountable health service. Three and a half years have passed and none of the promised reforms have happened. Harney is now setting out to save the HSE, from itself, by doing an about turn with it’s organisational structure. For an excellent overview of the whole situation, I highly recommend that you read this article courtesy of The Irish Times online.

With thanks to Sara Burke, journalist and health policy analyst for her superb analysis of Mary Harney’s tenure in office. It’s the best explanation I’ve seen of the so-called reform of our health service. Hats off to Sara.

4 Responses to Saving the HSE

  1. Roy says:

    It’s easy to knock the HSE….. but I wonder what IS the solution?

    Lot’s of people write articles saying this is wrong and that’s wrong but very few say what should be done to make it right.

    By the way she’s wrong when she says there won’t be a co-located bed in the 5 year timeframe, Beaumont WILL be built

    PS I’m no fan of the HSE …… but I guess it’s all we’ve got?

  2. Roy says:

    PSS the Irishtimes STOLE my IT thing in the address bar, I’m gonna SUE!

  3. Steph says:

    Hi Roy

    I think the answer to the HSE is in the McKinsey report and I really don’t think that anyone is knocking theTransformation programme. What Sara Burke is pointing out is the fact that Harney is in denial about having to take a U-turn. Her promises of reform were doomed to failure from the start because of the failures within the HSE. It’s just a pity that she waited until the money ran out before she was prepared to do anything about it. She’s got two years left to get a co-located bed up and running at Beaumont so she’ll have to get a move on if she wants to save face.

    btw Your IT thingy is much sexier than the Irish Times!

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