Mamma Mia

That’s it! I’m off! I’ve had enough of this rain.  This time tomorrow, I shall be winging my way to sunnier climes for a real taste of summer. Think rolling hills clad in grape vines, topped by castles, and dotted with countryside trattorie serving handmade pasta with porcini mushrooms, aubergine parmigiana accompanied by gallons of Chianti, and you’ve got the picture.

Last May, when a work colleague of my hubby offered to lend us her little place in the southern hills of Tuscany, we certainly didn’t hesitate and immediately booked flights.  We opted to enjoy an Irish summer first and wait until September for a taste of Italy.  Of course, we didn’t know then what we know now. Our pre-booked holiday has turned out to be the only ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull and wet summer.

We’ve no idea what we’ll face when we reach our holiday destination.  The owner who lives in Switzerland, has simply told us where to pick up the key and to make sure we tip the ‘Mamma Mia’ who’ll have the place aired and ready for our arrival. The only description we’ve been given is that it’s rustic.  We can only hope that her definition of rustic is the same as ours! The area we’re staying in is famous for it’s hot sulphur springs (health spas) and mosquitoes!

I’ll have access to a laptop on holiday but I doubt I’ll write any posts as I hope to be too busy sipping wine while basking in the sunshine. It’s okay, you’re allowed to hate me! Roaming charges are likely to be high but it won’t stop me peeking at a few blogs from time to time to keep an eye on you all.  Now, I’d better get packing if I’m gonna catch that flight. I’ll be back on 30 September so be good in the meantime, and keep well.

9 Responses to Mamma Mia

  1. Darragh says:

    Enjoy! I say that with a fixed smile on me gob, jealous as I am that you’re there. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Grannymar says:

    Have fun and bring me back something nice…

    Preferably tall, dark and handsome! 🙄

  3. Knipex says:

    Enjoy the break steph.

  4. Madsadgirl says:


    I hope that you have a really great time and come back suitably refreshed. With a bit of luck the mozzies will have died down by this time and you will escape the little biters.

    Hope that you have lots of lovely stories to tell us when you come back.


  5. Geri Atric says:

    Have a wonderful holiday and good luck with the mozzies!

  6. Baino says:

    Oooh Tuscany . . rustic is good as long as you have a flushing loo! Enjoy and have a glass of Frascati for me!

  7. Steph says:

    Thanks for the lovely send-off, folks. I hope it’s not ‘cos you’re happy to see me go? 😉

    It’s been a busy day one way or another – just in from an evening concert which was a great way to wind down for the holiday. The bags are packed (mozzie destruction kit included) and we’re due at the airport in just over 5 hours time, so I think I’d better get to bed!

    See you at end of the month 😀

  8. You’re going to Tuscany?! Oh I am soooo green! I LOVE Tuscany! Have a wonderful, wonderful time Steph – and enjoy a glass of that wonderful Gallo Nero Chianti for me!

  9. Steph says:

    Hi! AV

    I’m back! Well sort of, my feet still haven’t quite touched the ground after such a lovely break. You’ll be glad to hear that Tuscany is still as gorgeous as ever. I’ll give you all the details just as soon as I get myself organised again.

    I’m missing all the lovely vino already 😉

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