A Happy Bunny

I’m back and in more ways than one!

My heart sank when we arrived at Rome airport in the lashing rain but within a few hours, the skies had turned blue and that’s the way it stayed for our 10 glorious days in Tuscany.  We’d been lent a little house in a tiny hillside village in southern Tuscany where nobody spoke a word of English.  It was like a dream come true.

Our house was part of a terrace of houses where the few neighbours were all elderly Italians who I imagine, had lived in this little community all their lives.  It was located down a narrow alleyway, only a few steps away from the village square.  We were within easy reach of the bakery, the grocer and more importantly, the local pizzeria where we spent many a happy hour. The house was perfect for all our needs. It was owned by an elderly artist and every available inch of wall space was covered by her beautiful paintings.  The house had it’s own private little garden at the back and beyond that, there was nothing but rolling hills.  We woke each morning to the sound of the local cock-a-doodle-do!

The olives groves are harvested in October. Our little back garden contained one olive tree as well as a beautiful fig tree, a lemon and an orange tree, all of which bore fruit.  We ate breakfast in the garden every morning in the company of numerous lizards and on one occasion, a grass snake.

Surrounding countryside.

The warm mineral-rich water of the volcanic sulphur springs was only a few kilometres from the town. And yes, I did try it but once was enough as the smell of rotten eggs was overpowering.

Our lunches invariably consisted of a variety of salami’s, cheeses, fresh plums and nectarines and lots of the local grape.

The local vines were ready for harvesting. When my hubby returned to this spot a few days later to take some more pictures, these grapes had all been picked. September is a busy time in Tuscany.

The elaborate façade of the Gothic Duomo at the Piazza del Campo in Siena.  We spent a lovely day roaming the medieval streets of the city but sadly, our visit did not coincide with the Palio, the famous horse race through the streets of Siena.

Our day trip to Rome included…

The Colosseum…

The beautiful roof of the Basilica in the Vatican City…

And a passing tourist kindly took this shot of us in St. Peter’s Square. Somehow she managed to make it look as if we had the place to ourselves but in reality, it was absolutely milling with tourists.

So that’s it!  Hope you enjoyed the pics (courtesy of my hubby, Jaimie). All in all, we had an absolutely brilliant time except for one little set-back. A day or two before the end of the holiday, I developed an infection in my forehead. I flew home on strong painkillers, foolishly believing that the infection would clear of it’s own accord.  It didn’t and I’ve been struggling with severe headaches ever since I got home. I finally got sense on Friday and started a powerful antibiotic and today Hey Presto! the headache has lifted.  Now I really am a happy bunny!

11 Responses to A Happy Bunny

  1. Grannymar says:

    Pure Bliss!

    Reading this at lunchtime is not a good idea! That foodie pic set my taste buds off. Keep the cheese and I’ll have the rest.

    Sounds like you had a second Honeymoon! Lucky you. 😀

  2. Oh bliss – you lucky thing! It all sounds wonderful and well I remember those lunches of salami, cheese and fruit – yumyumpiggysbum!!! 🙂
    I am now about as green as those olives!

    Glad you managed to get on top of the infection – just hold on to those memories and you’ll be better in no time!

  3. Oh, wanted to ask, did you go past that shop in Siena with the boar’s head at the door – a boar wearing spectacles? 🙂

  4. dragonfly says:

    Wow. Glad the headache is much better.

  5. Steph says:

    Thanks! folks

    GM – the holiday sure was bliss (most of the time) but it’s also pure bliss to be rid of that blinding headache. As regards a second honeymoon, well I did have to wait 30 years! 😀

    AV – the salami was gorgeous! A different one for every region, just like the wine and cheese. And Yes! we did see that funny boar in a side-street in Siena but I was never brave enough to try wild boar on the menu even though it’s a national dish. As regards the infection – all thoughts of my holiday went out the window when I got home as my head was so sore but today I had a lovely time re-living the whole thing as I selected the shots for this blog post.

    Dragonfly – thanks! I’m like a new person today. When I have one of those headaches you really wouldn’t want to know me! It even hurts to speak 😦 I’m disappointed that I couldn’t shift the infection without an antibiotic but thankful at least, that the response has been good. It’s back to the doc tomorrow to discuss.

  6. Baino says:

    Gorgeous photos Steph, it’s such a beautiful part of Italy (I missed it when I was there actually we were more to the north east. There’s nothing nicer than leisurely al fresco meals in the sunshine, we’re lucky enough to enjoy many in the summer (even Christmas dinner is eaten outdoors!) Glad you nailed the infection, you know you’re prone so don’t wait so long next time! And I’d love to see that race in Sienna, I’ve seen docos on telly and it’s mad!

  7. Steph says:

    Cheers! Baino

    If you do ever get the chance, I highly recommend you visit Tuscany. Mind you, I haven’t seen the rest of Italy so I don’t know how it compares.

    As regards the infection – yes Miss, I’m sorry. I promise to do better next time! Listen, I’ve heard all the warnings many times over but I still live in hope that one day my body might actually do what it’s meant to do and fight the infections in my head. Unfortunately, with my medical history no-one is prepared to take risks so it’s like a vicious circle. These days I have to be convinced an antibiotic is needed before I’ll take it. Sometimes a delay works in my favour, sometimes it doesn’t!

  8. Bendy Girl says:

    What lovely photos! I’m sorry you’ve had another infection and hope you start to feel better v soon. It’s really wonderful to see a photo of you after all this time too! BG x x x

  9. Steph says:

    Thanks! BG

    I’m feeling much better already although my visit to the doc today was a bit more serious than I’d bargained for. Specialist opinion required.

    I’m very glad to hear my photo didn’t scare you off! 😉

  10. OMG that looked so divine. Pure heaven!

  11. Steph says:

    Cheers! Lottie

    It all feels like yonks ago already. I only have to look at the blue sky in the first shot to remind myself that there is a sun shining somewhere behind the grey gloom that surrounds us all in Ireland. Today’s weather was so depressing! 😦

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