You know what?

Since I took up blogging last year, I’ve done more cooking and tried out more new recipes than I’d done in years. I’ve never had so many compliments about my cooking and you know what? Mondays have never been so much fun!

At this mature stage of my life, I’ve lots of old favourite recipes in my head which get repeated over and over again.  No-one ever complained so I used to churn out the same old stuff again and again.  “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”, I asked myself. 

Some of the family tend to be faddy eaters so my boring repertoire of menus suited them to a tee. Over the years, I’ve received presents of lovely glossy cookery books but somehow I never seemed to get beyond trying out more than one new recipe before relegating the book to the shelves. And, there it would remain unless I had specific cause to get it out again.

All this changed when I started blogging. Now, every Monday without fail, a new delicious recipe is put in front of my nose to try.  I print off the recipe from my computer and make a shopping list of the ingredients needed. With the exception of one recipe for liver pate (I detest liver!), every recipe has been absolutely delicious!

I’ve never had so much fun cooking and everyone is benefiting. This week the recipe was Curried Parsnip Soup and when I announced to the family that it would be on the menu, they all groaned as no-one in this house except me, enjoys parsnips.  So yesterday I set to and had this easy-to-prepare soup ready for when the hoards came home starving. And you know what?  They all adored it!

The secret to this success is that all these recipes have been tried and tested over the years by none other than Grannymar, the super duper award-winning blogger! It’s so much more interesting trying out new recipes when they come from someone you admire. I’m sure there are lots of other bloggers out there enjoying these tasty recipes too. No wonder Elly loves her mum to bits! So, Grannymar, I’d like to say a very big THANK-YOU to you for sharing your cooking secrets. We’re lovin’ it!

5 Responses to You know what?

  1. Grannymar says:

    Watch it Steph! You will give me a swelled head.

    When are going to provide a ‘Guest recipe’ for my Monday slot? I look forward to it.

  2. Bendy Girl says:

    Ooh, thank Steph, I shall have to check grannymar’s recipies out. Hope you’re all better now? BG x

  3. Baino says:

    She’s a trouper alright. The Parsnip soup is lovely, I’m going to try it chilled in the summer actually and Adam doesn’t generally like parsnip but loves the curry flavour. (They’re expensive here would you believe becuse it’s too warm to grow them in most places). Actually the pate was good too!

  4. Not a parsnip lover here ….. although I will eat the parsnip/carrot mix … go figure!

    Must be a hair thing.

  5. Steph says:

    GM – you haven’t paid me for today’s post yet and now you’re looking for a free recipe as well! 😉

    Bendy – I highly recommend a visit to Grannymar’s blog – it’s great entertainment as well as yummy recipes.

    Baino – I never thought of trying the soup chilled but then with our Irish weather, you don’t usually! I bought too many parsnips the other day as the supermarket I was in didn’t have a weighing scales at the fruit and veg. I hate that! By the time the girl at the check-out had weighed them, she’d also scanned them so I didn’t argue. Nice reason to do some roast veggies this weekend!

    Paddy – you know what? If you ate nice fresh fruit and veg every day, you’d wouldn’t have any more bad hair days! 😆

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