Birthday Buddies

Today marks the dual birthday or two very fine blogging pals indeed.  For me, a day is not complete without a visit to Baino at Baino’s Banter or to Ian at For the fainthearted where it’s guaranteed you’ll find a daily dose of intelligent, thought-provoking and often hilarious entertainment. The fact that this pair share the same birthday, is just a happy coincidence. They’re not even the same age but I think I’m right in saying that between them, they’ve clocked up a cool 100 years!

Grannymar gave me a wink and a nod a couple of weeks ago to remind me of this upcoming celebration and so I put on my thinking hat to come up with some suitable presents for these faithful friends.

Ian recently admitted on his blog, to being a rather messy eater. He bemoaned the fact that he has to pack extra clothes when going away, in order to keep up with his troublesome eating habits. I was therefore very pleased to come across this smart new stock which will help to protect Ian’s clerical garb.

I hope he’ll be pleased with my choice of gift!

Baino, as many of us will know, is a very hard worker.  No task is too great for Baino to undertake but now her bones are beginning to show their age. I’ve therefore chosen this little number for her to indulge herself in on her birthday.  I’ve been assured that the accessory in the tub is optional!

Cheers! Baino, I hope this helps to ease those aches and pains!

Now did someone mention birthday cake?  I’m off to Grannymar’s to see what’s cooking…

Congrats to you both!  Enjoy the day.

3 Responses to Birthday Buddies

  1. bainbridge01 says:

    Haha; .. thanks so much, I’d rather the hot tub without the geezer thanks. Delusions of grandeur I have, nothing over 40 in my spa!

  2. Ian says:

    Hey, I didn’t know Baino was 40 today!

  3. Grannymar says:


    A hot tub with my back rubbed. 😀

    If Baino doesn’t want him then can I…..? 🙄

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