the big knit

Fancy helping keep older people in Ireland warm this winter? innocent drinks, the company that makes those delicious smoothies, has come up with a clever campaign, the big knit,  to get folks up and down the land to knit little hats for their smoothie bottles. For every behatted bottle sold, they – that’s Topaz and innocent drinks – will give €1 to Age Action.

It’s a really sad and largely unknown fact that every winter, over 2000 older people in Ireland die from cold related illnesses. It’s tough for many to get enough food, warmth or activity to stay fit and healthy. The money raised from the big knit goes to Age Action who provide support to older people including care and repair programmes and advice on how to keep their houses warm.

The deadline has already passed (22nd October) for receiving hats for this year’s campaign but any hats received from now on will be kept nice and safe in a special place in Fruit Towers for the 2009 campaign which is going to be even bigger and better.

The good news is that these little hats are small and simple to make. The bad news is that knitting them can get addictive. You have been warned! Here are some designs to get you started and if you feel in need of inspiration, have a look at the hat of the week gallery.

Once you’re done, just pop your hats in an envelope along with your name, address and number of hats knitted, and send them to innocent at this address:

The Big Knit, innocent drinks, Fruit Towers, 46 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1.

innocent have reached their target of 20,000 little woolly hats for 2008 and now have their fingers crossed that people will buy them and give them good homes so that they can raise €20,000 for Age Action. The smoothies wearing little hats go on sale from tomorrow (Wednesday 5/11/08) in Topaz stores across the country and for every behatted smoothie sold, innocent and Topaz will donate €1 to Age Action.

So just think, every time you drop into a Topaz filling station to buy an innocent smoothie with a hat on, there’ll be an older person out there who is looked after that bit better this winter. They look after us when we’re younger; we look after them when they’re older – seems only fair, so get on out there and do your bit.

And to those of you who thought you had an excuse because you can’t knit, have a look at this little video which was made for last year’s big knit campaign in the UK…

3 Responses to the big knit

  1. Grannymar says:

    Lovely idea!

    Come on guys have a go, who knows you might be the next Kaffe Fassett – the textile artist.
    While travelling on a train from London to Edinburgh many years ago; he shared a carriage with two ladies who were knitting. Fascinated by their speed and skill , he asked if they would teach him. By the time he reached his destination he was hooked and has produced some amazing designs since then.

  2. Baino says:

    Cute Idea . . .we did a knit a square campaign for Afghanistan not so long ago and made blankets for Afghan children to see them through the winter, very rewarding. Nice initiative for a petrol company.

  3. Steph says:

    Thanks! Grannymar and Baino

    The minute I came across this campaign yesterday, I was totally hooked. I think it’s a brilliant idea and my only disappointment was in finding it’s too late to promote the knitting of hats for this year’s campaign but luckily, not too late to promote the drinks. I’m sure the behatted drinks will be snapped up as they’re so cute looking.

    While the 20,000 hats target has been reached for this year, the company has assured me that all hats sent to innocent will be carefully stored away for next year’s big knit.

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