Listen-up guys!


If you are aged 40 or more, you may have become aware of some changes in your physical appearance and general health such as increased weight gain, feeling depressed, disturbed sleep, loss of interest in sex. Recent studies have revealed that Irish men are reluctant to visit their GP with the these symptoms as they believe their symptoms aren’t serious enough to warrant treatment. Have you lost your lust for life?

Testosterone is the principle male hormone and while production declines naturally with age, some men’s testosterone levels decline to a level that may affect their overall health and well-being. When this occurs medical advice should be sought as it may lead to testosterone deficiency (TD). An early diagnosis of TD may mean that many of the early symptoms can be reversed and the more serious effects of non-treatment can be avoided. If left untreated, testosterone deficiency can lead to:

• Decreased bone mass that may lead to osteoporosis
• Decreased muscle size and strength, and increased weight gain
• Decreased virility
• Decreased facial hair/the need for regular shaving decreases
• Sparse or absent pubic hair
• Smaller/softer testes
• An increase in breast size

Testosterone deficiency is treated by administering testosterone, which is available in a number of forms including a colourless, odourless gel or an injection. Treatment of TD is proven to reduce the symptoms of testosterone deficiency and return testosterone levels to normal levels.

So guys, if you find you’ve lost your lust for life and these symptoms sound familiar to you, speak to your doctor and get yourself checked out. Get back on track. Life is too short to suffer needlessly.

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