Stay Warm


Driving home on Friday evening in the freezing fog and rapidly falling temperatures, I decided to stop off and treat myself to a new woolly hat. Did you know that over 2000 older people in Ireland die every winter from cold related illnesses? Many elderly people cannot afford enough food or warmth to stay fit and healthy. And that’s exactly why I stopped to buy this sweet little hat.

Do you remember the big knit campaign?  innocent drinks, the company that makes those delicious smoothies, came up with a clever campaign to get folks up and down the land to knit little hats for their smoothie bottles. Lots of Irish celebrities lent their support to the campaign by designing some little woolly hats which you can see showcased here.


The money raised from the big knit goes to Age Action Ireland who provide support to older people including care and repair programmes and advice on how to keep their houses warm. For every behatted bottle sold, they – that’s Topaz and innocent drinks – will give €1 to Age Action to help look after older people in Ireland this winter.  They are hoping to raise €20,000 to donate to Age Action but they need your help to do it.

So what are you waiting for? The weather is really cold at the moment and I’m sure there are many old people out there who need help to stay warm. The next time you see a Topaz filling station, drop in and buy an innocent smoothie with a hat on. As the saying goes… every little helps!

3 Responses to Stay Warm

  1. Grannymar says:

    That hat is just my colour!

    Great idea to help keep old bones warm this winter.

  2. Steph says:

    Grannymar – did you notice anything strange about the smoothie?

    My daughter loves smoothies and downed it as soon as I got home. To make the bottle look better for the pic, my photographic hubby filled it with milk and added red colouring until it resembled the original shade of cranberry and raspberry (one of the many secrets of food photography). I did wonder if innocent would see it and call to ask where I bought the smoothie 😉

    And, Yes, we dumped it immediately after the pic in case herself thought it was another one!

  3. Grannymar says:


    You are full of tricks!

    I admit that I never noticed, perhaps that was something to do with my rose tinted glasses. 😆

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