Supergran To The Rescue


Did you know that about one third of older people across Europe help with the care of grandchildren on a daily basis? A major survey by the European Commission has found that “the demise of the family is a myth“, with many older people spending an average of 4.6 hours per day looking after grandchildren or helping others.

Gerard Scully, information officer with Age Action Ireland, said this reiterated the point that grandparents remained an “essential part of family life”. This should be a choice, however. “If older people want to look after their grandchildren they should be able to. If, however, they don’t, there should be adequate childcare in place so undue burden is not put on grandparents to be long-term childminders, often unpaid ones.”

supergran1A family illness is another situation where grandparents are frequently called upon to come to the rescue. The wonderful Geri Atric has been so busy minding her two grandsons while their mum is ill, that she’s had to put her very humourous blog Ageing Ungracefully, onto the back burner. Supergran Geri has however discovered a silver lining to her babyminding duties as all the bending, lifting and running after children has melted 5kg off her waistline.

I take my hat off to Geri and to all grandparents out there who help to ease the burden of parenting in today’s busy world. So here’s to all Supergrans and Grandads! Missing you, Geri!

Details of the survey were found in the Irish Times.

8 Responses to Supergran To The Rescue

  1. Grannymar says:

    I love the images ❗ I’d want to be like the second one if and when my turn comes.

    I miss Geri too and hope all is going well for her and her family.

  2. Baino says:

    Same here Steph. We’d be stuffed without aged carers! My own Dad was wonderful when the kids were younger. He was my after school and holiday carer more often than not.

  3. Steph says:

    Thanks guys!

    I think we’ll all make smashing SUPERgrans if and when our turn comes! 😀

  4. Annb says:

    Just found your site – I’m desperately searching for insight into how to get through the HSE hell. My 5 year old son – 1 year post transplant and really I feel our problems have only started. Dialysis was a doddle compared with trying to get Speech therapy OT physio etc. Anyone got any battle tactics? I’ve run out am now quite exhausted and very demented.

  5. Steph says:

    Hello! Annb and welcome.

    I’ve had a good read over at your place and I see what you mean about the battle with the HSE. I’m not a bit surprised to hear that you’re feeling worn down by it all.

    I don’t have any tactics for you other than to suggest that you go public with your situation if you can’t get satisfactory therapy for Rory. Are you in contact with other parents of kids with developmental delay? There are huge strengths to be gained (as well as tips) from talking to others in a similar situation.

    I’m gob smacked by what you found out about the speech therapist. That situation is really outrageous and should be exposed. You have enough to contend with without having to fight for every service for Rory.

    I’ll be following your blog from now on and I wish you the very best of luck in your endeavours to beat the system. Take care.

  6. Annb says:

    Thanks Steph,

    I’m in touch with loads of parents in the same boat but the system is so fragmented that it really is a post code lottery. Needless to say, Galway seems to be way down the bottom of the league table. I’ve been public with this – local press and radio, even made some nationals but there seems to be no will to resolve it. It’s crushing. I don’t want to have to battle, I want to take time to smell the rose, as there are many, but I just have a searing anger at the contempt with which families like ours are being treated. My only aid in this, is to spread the word and let people know what exactly what is going on as it’s not enough to solve my son’s issues, I want to kick down any doors that are locked to the kids coming after us. Otherwise what will have been the point of the struggle?
    So just spread the word.

  7. Steph says:

    Cheers! Annb

    My heart goes on to you. It’s so wrong that you have to do battle with the powers-that-be for everything Rory needs. Is it any wonder you’re angry! I really admire your fight to get Rory what he deserves and in doing so, by also paving the way for others. It made me sick to hear Drumm on the radio yesterday, telling us that our health service has radically improved under the auspices of the HSE. Who does he think he’s fooling?

    Rory was dealt an unlucky card with his health but he’s very lucky to have you fighting his corner. Keep up the good fight!

  8. […] other day, I mentioned what a blessing it is to have supergrans like Geri who drop everything to come to the rescue when illness strikes. Well, now the boot is on the other foot and it’s Supergran Geri’s […]

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