Be Drink Aware


A total of 275 people have died so far this year on Irish roads. Last year, 38 people lost their lives on our roads during the month of December, with 18 people killed or seriously injured over the Christmas period alone. The Road Safety Authority’s (RSA) campaign to improve safety on our roads, appears to be working as today’s figures represent a 20 per cent reduction (63 fewer road deaths) compared to this day last year. But the year is not over yet!

“It’s not just those seriously injured or killed on our roads whose lives are changed forever in a crash. Everyone crashes. The devastating consequences are like shock waves that affect family, relatives, friends, work colleagues and whole communities.”

This is the message contained in a new series of TV adverts as part of the RSA’s ‘Crashed Lives’ campaign.These new adverts featuring true-life stories of road tragedy, are being screened until the end of January but can also be viewed on

Gardaí have also appealed to all motorists to slow down, to keep to the speed limits and “observe personal responsibility” in their driving behaviour to protect their own lives, their passengers and all other road users.

Please, please be drink aware this New Year and don’t drink and drive. Remember, just one drink impairs driving. Don’t take that chance. Plan ahead. Leave the keys at home and get a taxi, minibus, public transport or take turns to designate a driver. After all, who wants to become just another statistic?

5 Responses to Be Drink Aware

  1. Grannymar says:

    A couple who took their baby son on a seven-hour drinking session have been given a two-year community order. The couple, who appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, UK, pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to being drunk in charge of the four-month-old boy.

    We all need to take a responsible & serious attitude to drinking.

  2. Lottie says:

    Its not bearing thinking about it. Imagine sitting at home on Christmas eve and answering a knock on the door to be told your loved one has been killed in such a senseless way.

    My heart goes out to those poor families. How life can change in a split second.

  3. Baino says:

    During public holiday periods here (Including Christmas and New Year) we have a ‘double demerit’ system. That is if you’re caught for any traffic infringement, speeding, drink driving, not wearing a seat belt . . .you receive twice the number of demerit points. Each driver starts with 12 points for a 3 year period so it’s quite a penalty. No points . . no license. We’ve had 43 deaths since Christmas eve . . tragic. Many occur on country roads where people are travelling for towards their holidays and falling asleep at the wheel or having what’s termed ‘microsleeps’ despite warnings to stop, revive and survive.

  4. Steph says:

    Grannymar – I agree, it’s heartbreaking to witness children being neglected by intoxicated parents and sadly this is all too common a sight. You have to hope that one day drinking when in charge of young children, will be seen as unacceptable in society as drinking and driving has thankfully become.

    Lottie – 275 and counting! That’s the horrible reality of drink driving. Several more people will most likely die between now and New Year’s Day as a result of drink driving. That knock on the door must be so devastating 😦

    Baino – that sounds like an eminently sensible approach to driving offences. We start with zero points here (12 also being the limit) but as far as I know, no double demerit system exists. Points don’t seem to be a deterrent as many offenders don’t even bother to hold a licence.

    I found myself in trouble with ‘microsleeps’ recently at the wheel of the car when doing a long journey alone at night. I tried all the tricks of turning off the heat, even opened the window for a while but still found myself periodically losing concentration and being jarred back to reality by the sound of the tyres on the edge of the road. No alcohol was involved, just pure tiredness. I eventually got sense and stopped for a caffeine fix. I might not be here today or indeed another innocent motorist might not be here, had I selfishly continued.

  5. […] Still Counting… The total number of road deaths for 2008 has now reached 276.  That’s one more since yesterday. […]

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