Cancer with a K

January 3, 2009

I was delighted to see Róisín Ingle give a mention to an inspirational new blog Mum Lives On, in The Irish Times today.


Eileen lost her Mum to cancer in March 2006 and recently decided to start a blog to keep her mother’s memory alive. Eileen’s biggest fear after her Mum died was that she would forget things about her, not just the fantastic things but the mundane as well.  Her love and admiration for her Mum shines through in her writing. As Róisín says “It could be mawkish but it’s a simply written poignant record of a cherished life”.

Eileen says “We all decided that Mum had ‘Kancer‘ rather than regular ‘cancer’. We referred to it as ‘Cancer with a K’. If Mum was going to have cancer she was going to do it in style! The funny thing about tragedy is that there is definitely a kind of celebratory aspect to it. Mum loved life, and everything about it, and to be honest in those first days she definitely loved the thought of cancer and the drama that was surrounding it.”

If you haven’t already discovered this blog, I recommend you go visit. Eileen writes with refreshing honesty about her Mum whom she says is her greatest inspiration. I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to a Mum, can you?