Life-Saving Surgery

A young woman with purple hair styled into a punk rocker Mohawk and sporting a variety of tattoos, arrived in the A&E department.


It was quickly determined that the patient had acute appendicitis, so she was scheduled for immediate surgery.

When she was on the operating table, the staff noticed that her pubic hair had been dyed green, and above it was a tattoo that read, ‘Keep off the grass’.

Once the surgery was completed, the surgeon wrote a short note on the patient’s dressing, which said, ‘Sorry, had to mow the lawn’.

On a more serious note…

The Brain Doctors is scheduled for tomorrow night. This is a fascinating, no-holds barred glimpse into the world of neurosurgery.

SUPERDOCS  Monday  2 Feb  BBC1 NI @ 9pm

4 Responses to Life-Saving Surgery

  1. Grannymar says:

    The secrets of surgery!

    I wonder if patients talk while they are under sedation?

  2. Ian says:

    A surgeon in the North told me that story – except in his version the apology was written in a surgical marker pen!

  3. Baino says:

    Haha . . I hate that bit of ‘surgery’ so I did it myself!God, I hate to think what goes on while you’re ‘under’

  4. Steph says:

    Grannymar, Ian and Baino…

    I think the secrets of the operating theatre are definitely a case of “ignorance is bliss!” 😀

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