It ain’t over yet!

March 18, 2009

Those of you who have been reading this blog for far too long 😉 will remember that I had a run-in with a certain consultant doctor over his arrogant behaviour. I have consulted more specialists than I care to remember but never before had I come across such blatant arrogance. On principle, I refused to pay for the consultation when leaving the doctor’s surgery and instead wrote to the doctor the following day, to express my dissatisfaction. Three weeks later, I received a bullying phone call from the doctor himself which did nothing to improve our stand-off. Last week, he sent me another bill for the outstanding account. It gave me a great laugh.


I decided not to waste my time writing to this doctor again. Instead, I picked up the phone and spoke to his receptionist. She sounded very young and innocent so I was very gentle. I told her politely that I had already stated in writing why I was unhappy with the charge and then added, that I hoped her employer didn’t treat his staff as rudely as he did his patients. She apologised profusely and promised to look into the error!


Now, I’m dying to know what will happen next. Will the receptionist relay my message to her employer and face the consequences or will she decide to quietly ‘lose’ the bill? Will the doctor try to threaten me with legal action? I suppose I should feel sorry for him. He must have hit hard times in this economic downturn. The consultation took place in 2007.

Watch this space!