Mutiny in the Ranks


The Irish Nurses Organisation (INO) is escalating it’s campaign against the proposed spending cuts in the health service. It has launched a new website Stop Health Cutbacks to monitor the level of cutbacks proposed by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Hospital staff and members of the public are invited to post comments online on what their experience of cutbacks has been and to air their views on how the services could be improved. All material will be validated before publishing and patient confidentiality will be protected at all times. Liam Doran, General Secretary (INO), has stressed that the overriding aim of this initiative is to demonstrate in detail where the system is failing patients.

The non-consultant hospitals doctors (NCHD) are also up in arms with the latest decision by the HSE, to cut their overtime and allowances.

Six junior doctors have begun a High Court challenge, along with the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), against the HSE. The IMO and the doctors claim that the HSE’s proposals are a breach of contract. They further claim that the proposed changes are impractical and will damage the functioning of the various departments in the hospitals where they work.

Next month’s emergency budget will radically affect healthcare in this country and it will be patients who bare the brunt of the further cutbacks. It is essential that everyone plays their part to ensure the highest possible standards of patient care in the difficult times ahead. Make your views known before it is too late.

3 Responses to Mutiny in the Ranks

  1. JBBC says:

    Thanks for posting Steph. I heard this on the radio yesterday as I was driving and was hoping you would post on it, as I only heard the last few minutes of the piece and couldn’t find the web address 🙂

  2. Annb says:

    Hope this takes off – best of luck to the nurses, as usual, it’s left to them to pick up the pieces. Well done for highlighting it.

  3. Steph says:

    Hi! girls, I’m back! Have been on the road since early morning.

    JBBC – I too heard about the new website while driving but luckily had a pen and paper to hand to jot down the address. I’ve reached that stage where I have to write everything down!

    Ann – The website is a great idea but still needs a little tweaking to make it more user friendly. The INO is also using it to display the true figures of patients waiting on trolleys in A&E, for admission.

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