Together We Stand

One year ago, on Saturday April 5th 2008, while playing rugby with his club Hammersmith and Fulham RFC in London, Stuart Mangan (25) suffered a sudden but devastating spinal injury. Sadly this sporting accident has left Stuart totally paralysed from the neck down. The horrendous injury he sustained has left an indelible mark on his life and on the lives of his family and many friends. Stuart’s care will cost millions over his lifetime and quite simply, his future is in all our hands.

Dr Fred Middleton, a leading consultant in spinal cord injury describes Stuart’s injuries “The level of Stuart’s injury at the top of the spinal cord eliminated all voluntary movement in the limbs and trunk including the muscles of breathing. This is the worst cord injury which can occur in sport”.

Photos of Stuart and his family and friends can be found here.

A fund-raising campaign – the Stuart Mangan Appeal – has been launched and each contribution, no matter the size, will help enormously in ensuring Stuart enjoys the best possible quality of life. In this context, an Irish trust fund has been established with the responsibility of managing Stuart’s needs in terms of housing, living, equipment and medical care. Find out how you can donate here.


Munster rugby legends and musicians alike have rallied together to create a one-off CD, ‘Together We Stand‘ to raise funds for the appeal. On sale from Friday 3rd April 2009 at all music stores, Munster Rugby Stores, Centra, and Supervalu.

Or you can buy the CD online by clicking here.

A programme of events is currently being drawn up and if you would like to help or support the appeal in any way, the Stuart Mangan Appeal would be delighted to hear from you.

Please show your support. THANK YOU!

Source: http://www.stuart

2 Responses to Together We Stand

  1. Baino says:

    It’s heartening when people get together to help, especially in such tough times. I would never let my son play rugby, I know so many people who have been damaged by the scrum.

  2. Steph says:

    Baino – It was no coincidence that we sent our son (and daughter) to a school where no rugby is played. As it happens, sadly a contemporary of my son was severely paralysed as a result of a rugby injury 😦

    The Stuart Mangan appeal is brilliantly organised and he has a great support structure around him. They have a huge task ahead of them.

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