You’ll be alright, duck!

May 20, 2009

Riding through Sherwood Forest on the bus yesterday, I sat in silence. My daughter had kindly accompanied me for the day but as the bus hurtled back towards Nottingham city centre,  I didn’t feel like chatting. My mind was still trying to come to terms with the news I’d just heard. I have to return for more surgery again. The adventures of Robin Hood Steph continue.


My return to see the head and neck specialist in the UK was arranged by my surgeon in Ireland. More expert advice is needed to manage the recurrent infections in my head. I was previously referred to the same specialist two years ago for major surgery to stamp out a chronic osteomyelitis in the frontal bone of my head. This operation was very successful but over the last year, I’ve had intense bouts of pain in the bone around my right eye and repeated infections which antibiotics have failed to control.

When the specialist looked at my CT scan yesterday, the cause of the pain soon became apparent. An abnormal pocket has developed in the bone deep behind my eye and close to the brain. The thickened bone has split causing an abscess to form. Complex surgery is required to take away the infected bone and relieve the pressure behind my eye. Unfortunately, this will require image guided surgery and means a referral to yet another surgeon in the same specialist unit. I will have to return to Nottingham again shortly to meet with the new surgeon and have specialized scans in advance of surgery.

This outcome is not at all what I’d anticipated. I had hoped that the recent scan might offer some welcome reassurance but it was not to be. I’m still reeling today from the news and not helped by a nasty head cold which has left my ears blocked following the flights. The good news is that I’m in fantastic hands so no worries there. The surgeons are the tops, I couldn’t hope for better. The impending surgery while complex, is minor compared to the some of the stuff I’ve been through. As they say in Nottingham, “You’ll be alright, duck!”

Image source: Camera phone en route to appointment.