Got the Call

got the callOur phone has not stopped ringing since last Friday and emails and texts are arriving by the minute. It seems that everyone who ever knew and loved my dear mum-in-law, wants to attend her funeral service next Saturday. As many people will be travelling by air, they are making a weekend of it and so it’s rapidly turning into a 3-day event. It’s gonna be a busy weekend. What was that I heard about getting rest?

It’s a bank holiday here today so the hubby and I set-off on an early morning walk to clear our minds. Our peace and quiet was soon disturbed by the sound of my mobile phone ringing. It was Nottingham letting me know that my operation had been scheduled for Friday. Help! I pleaded exceptional circumstances in light of the funeral on Saturday and managed to get the surgery postponed to the following week. The date has yet to be confirmed.

Frankly, this is one call I could have done without today. As Nancy says, it never rains but it pours around here! You’ve gotta laugh.

13 Responses to Got the Call

  1. Grannymar says:

    What a time to get the call! I hope it all sorts itself soon.

  2. Lilinator says:

    Sorry to hear of your mother-in-law’s death, she sounds to have been a great person. Do mind yourself

  3. Sorry to hear the bad news, and all the extra hassle along with it.

    Hope things get a bit easier, but until then, yeah keep laughing a little.

  4. Steph says:

    Grannymar – It certainly wasn’t easy taking that call and negotiating dates for surgery on the side of a hill with no pen and paper to hand. The caller assured me that she would email me the details but so far, I’ve heard no more. I shall chase her up first thing in the morning and also chase my insurance company to try to speed up the prior approval for funding for the op. Only then can I book flights, hotel etc.

    Lily – Thank you. She was indeed a very special lady but at 90 years old, she’d had a good innings. I’m more than happy that my operation could be postponed so that I get to join in the celebration of her life.

    Xbox – Cheers! If you couldn’t laugh, you’d crack up! As if I have to tell you that! :mrgreen:

  5. Baino says:

    Aww . .true that everything happens at once. I don’t envy you the next week or so but thinking of you nonetheless. Wonderful that you’re having a celebration of her life. She sounds like she was much loved.

  6. roy says:

    Holy crap………..that’s a bad day! yet you still “sound” cheery…amazing

  7. Steph says:

    Baino – Welcome back from your holiday!

    My mum-in-law loved to party. Any excuse and a party was organised before you could blink. We’ll give her a great send-off on Saturday.

    As regards Nottingham, I’ll cope with it one day at a time. I’ll have access to a laptop while there so I should be able to give you all the graphic details!

    Roy – Holy crap is right!

    Any benefit from that walk quickly disappeared after that damned phone call. I could throw a ‘wobbler’ but that wouldn’t achieve much so I just have to get on with putting the arrangements in place for Nottingham. There are some things in life you can control and some you can’t. I’m going with the flow!

  8. Annb says:

    Wow Steph, you certainly don’t do things by half. You’re right though, maybe everything does happen for a reason. The fitting celebration of that great lady’s life will help you to keep the nerves at bay for the op, it’s a lovely parting gesture on her part, I like her style. Please take care. We will be lighting candles for you all, here in the West.

  9. Steph says:

    Ann – Thanks 🙂

    Things are a bit crazy here right now with arrangements for the funeral. Family and friends start arriving from lunchtime tomorrow so it’s gonna be a busy few days.

    My op has been confirmed for next week but as I still haven’t received a guarantee of funding from my health insurance company, I can’t book flights etc. It’s highly frustrating.

  10. Ian Poulton says:

    Hope the funeral escaped Saturday’s deluges.

  11. Steph says:

    Ian – Thanks!

    The weather on Saturday couldn’t have been more dramatic. During family readings in the church, loud claps of thunder reverberated around the church and at the end of the service, we were greeted by horizontal wind and rain. The funeral cortège had to battle it’s way down the M50 to the crematorium through high winds and floods but all went well otherwise. My mum-in-law would have loved her send-off.

  12. Ian says:

    We tried to have our parish fete in that weather – it wasn’t as successful as usual!

  13. Steph says:

    Ian – Oh, dear! That was unfortunate especially when you think back to the gorgeous weather we had the previous Saturday 😦

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