Me and Matilda

my friends

It all started with Geri Atric from Ageing Ungracefully.  Geri wanted to know if I was in a mixed ward in the hospital and thankfully the answer was NO.  I’ve enough problems to cope with here without having strange men in my ‘bedroom’.  Then the bed next to me became vacant yesterday when it’s very pleasant occupant went home and that’s when Grannymar started teasing. She reckoned I might get a HUNK in the next bed.  What can I say?

Having dismissed this hunk in the bed idea, Grannymar suggested that I could always give my drip stand a name as it is by my side night and day. Still teasing, she proposed ‘Derek the Drip’ but I told her I wanted to think carefully about names for my companion.

Well, last night I happen to pop over to visit Baino at Baino’s Banter and there I found an entertertaining post about waltzing Matilda.  That’s it, I shouted! I’ve no need for a hunk in the bed next to me, Matilda keeps me company all the time and we can be seen waltzing down the corridor together. So Matilda is now my newfound friend.

Thanks for the fun folks! And yes, the new occupant of the bed nextdoor, is a delightful addition to the ward.

10 Responses to Me and Matilda

  1. Annb says:

    There is another Matilda – she could be seen as a metaphor for the HSE and her poor suffering Aunt; the Irish tax payer… Hillare Belloc wrote very eloquently about her here’s the first verse:

    Matilda told such Dreadful Lies,
    It made one Gasp and Stretch one’s Eyes;
    Her Aunt, who from her Earliest Youth,
    Had kept a Strict Regard for Truth,
    Attempted to Believe Matilda,
    The effort very nearly killed her,

    Wishing you and your nice Matilda a very good day!

  2. Grannymar says:

    I’m jealous, since I thought I was your best friend!:sad:

    I hope the Matilda soon waltzes off to become a dim memory and you are waltzing with your hubby around the kitchen at home!

  3. Baino says:

    No need to worry unless you feel the urge to camp by a billabong and shove a jumbuck in yer tucker bag!

  4. Has delerium set in Steph??

    Get rid of Matilda …. Derek will do more for you! 😉

  5. Steph says:

    Hello again!

    I have some very good news to share. Yesterday, just after I’d written this post, the ‘team’ arrived at my bedside after breakfast and announced that I was going home! I thought I was hearing things but it was true! It was just the most lovely, unexpected surprise. I’m am continuing my treatment at home and will explain the situation in a post as soon as energy levels recover. For now, it’s pure heaven to have said goodbye to Matilda.

    Thank you Ann, Grannymar, Baino and Paddy for your uplifting comments. Where would I be without you? :mrgreen:

  6. Jeanie says:

    Thrilled that you are home. Fantastic. Look forward to the next installment !! xx

  7. Steph says:

    Hi! Jeanie

    So glad you were the first (online) to spot this news. We haven’t even told family yet that I’m home as we’re simply enjoying the pleasure of the great escape 😀 xox

  8. Grannymar says:

    Now you behave and do what Matron Jaimie says, or he will report you to ME!

    I am delighted that you are settled in your own bed once more. TAKE IT SLOWLY!

  9. […] antibiotics and my current treatment for colitis had been reviewed by the gastroenterology team. Matilda now sits forlorn beside my bed, no longer required. Instead, I’ve a feast of antibiotics to […]

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