Happy and Proud

My son, Robin has designed some software called Decisions for Heroes (D4H), to help emergency services record and analyse their rescue operations and recently he entered it into a competition for start-ups. The competition was held by iQ Content, a Dublin-based internet consultancy, which offered €10,000 of it’s own money for the most interesting technology-based business plan. The competition was launched in March and received 249 entries. The winner was chosen after eight finalists made pitches to judges from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, as well as indigenous internet firms Daft, Stat-Counter and LouderVoice.

This is Robin’s interview with iQ Content’s Managing Director, Morgan McKeagney…

Robin was the overall winner! The final took place in Dublin last Wednesday evening and news of his win filtered through to me in my hospital bed. It did me more good than any drip ever could.

BTW… if you haven’t already heard… I was discharged from hospital yesterday to continue treatment from home. This development was totally unexpected and the best surprise I’ve had in a long time. I’m one very happy and proud Mama right now.

13 Responses to Happy and Proud

  1. Grannymar says:

    Stick your chest out girl, and be very proud of your wonderful son! Well done Robin!

    Now (puts on Matron’s hat) Don’t you go over doing things, it will only set you back and we DO NOT want that!

    (takes Matron’s hat off) Welcome back to blogland missus! Hugs.

  2. Steph says:

    GM – Big thanks! 😀 It’s lovely to be back.

  3. Bendy Girl says:

    Double good news, how fantastic! BG x

  4. Steph says:

    BG – Thank you! Sorry not to pay your blog a visit for a while. Circumstances have made me rather self-focussed right now. I’ll be back 🙂

  5. Baino says:

    Welcome home . .but you take it easy now. No relapses! And you have every right to be proud, he’s a clever lad.

  6. Steph says:

    Hiya Baino – I don’t where he gets it from, Baino as neither of his parents have ever won a prize in their lives 😦 His win last week, was a great boost when we were at a low ebb.

    I’m loving being home. It’s so nice to have a little bit of independence back as I hate having to ask others for everything (I’m a single-minded cow!). Going into hospital for a week is very manageable but when you’re in acute pain and go straight from your doctor’s surgery to A&E with no preparation, it’s a different ball game. Only thing that’s missing since I got home, is some nice sunshine to sit outside in. Jaimie and I were meant to join friends yesterday for a week’s sailing holiday in Cork. It’s a bummer but not the end of the world. Like Wimbledon, it’ll come round again another year. Good things come to those that wait 😀

  7. Congrats to your lad….. glad you home…… keep ya chin up girl or my case chins LOL


  8. Nancy says:

    Hi Steph,

    I don’t really understand what it is that Robin invented BUT,obviously other,more skilled people, do know and they have said he is the BEST!

    Congratulations,Robin.. I know how proud your parents are of you..

    Steph, I am delighted you are home now and feeling better. I must congratulate you and your husband for raising such a wonderful and accomplished son.

  9. Steph says:

    Marmite – Hi! again

    I’m ready for that gin and tonic now 😉

    Nancy – Thanks! I only pretend I understand the stuff that goes on around here. I’ve passed on your congrats!

    Now, a little birdie told me today that you have a new toyboy. Whoohoo! There’ll be no stopping you now. I was lent a very old laptop to use in the hospital and while it weighed a ton, it was the best thing ever. The other patients thought I’d lost my marbles completely when I’d suddenly dissolve into tears of laughter while staring at the screen. Such is the joy of having blogging friends! Here’s to a long and happy relationship with SAIBOT! I hope he doesn’t write back to front? :mrgreen:

  10. Lily says:

    Steph, congrats on both counts. Delighted to hear the good news re Robin winning this prize and good you are home from hospital.

    Loved the title of this post!

  11. Steph says:

    Lily – Thank you. I’m trying to imagine what it must like to have 3 prize-winning sons!

    I’ve an important check-up at the hospital tomorrow (had bloods today). Fingers crossed.

  12. Nice one Steph ….. you produced quality while you were at it! 🙄

  13. Steph says:

    Paddy – :mrgreen:

    We’ve sure paid the price, Paddy, as Robin has been a mover and shaker since word go. They wouldn’t believe me at the health centre at his developmental checks when I reported that he rarely slept. Robin didn’t waste time sleeping, he was too busy discovering the world. That’s still how it is today.

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