Hot off the press

Steph might be going home from hospital tomorrow. No kidding! I mean home to stay, to sleep in my own bed. The osteomyelitis is in retreat and I’m on the fast road out of here.


The surgical team paid a visit early this morning to review my blood tests and discuss the plan to change from intra-venous to oral antibiotics. Within an hour, my head had been examined endoscopically and the surgeon reported back that good progress had been made. The raw bone inside my head is covered with granulation tissue, a sign that normal healing is taking place.

By lunchtime, microbiology had approved a change onto oral antibiotics and my current treatment for colitis had been reviewed by the gastroenterology team. Matilda now sits forlorn beside my bed, no longer required. Instead, I’ve a feast of antibiotics to swallow at regular periods throughout the day.  A  24-hour test run is underway to see if the colitis can withstand the new regime. If I maintain a stable path overnight, the central line to my chest will be removed and I will be allowed home by tomorrow evening to continue treatment from the comfort of my own home.

I just thought you might like to know.  Fingers (and legs) crossed.

UPDATE: (Wednesday 11 am) It’s for definite! The central line is now out of my chest and I’m on my way home today. Yabba, dabba do! Next post from home.

8 Responses to Hot off the press

  1. Annb says:

    Great news Steph, keeping everything crossed here even the kids!!

  2. Grannymar says:

    Great news!

    Typing with my nose as everything else is crossed. 🙄

  3. Steph says:

    Ann and Grannymar – 😆

    I’d a good night so now it’s fingers crossed the blood test doesn’t let me down. If I succeed in getting my marching orders today, I’m gonna need a crash course in how to dispense the feast of drugs… red ones, yellow ones, pink ones, blue ones and not forgetting the green ones! 🙄

  4. Bendy Girl says:

    That is just the best news I’ve had all week. Steph I’m so very pleased for you, can’t beat your own bed for making you feel better!
    BG Xx

  5. Grannymar says:

    Great news Steph!

    Now take it very, very slowly!

  6. Nancy says:

    Hi Steph,

    What great news. I’m very happy for you. As GM said, take it easy at first. No Heroics. Rest and then more rest.

    You have a wonderful attitude and with that and the loving support you are receiving from your family you should be OK..Duck!

  7. Baino says:

    Oh I’m late again so you’re prolly all snooxed up in your own living room. Excellent news.

  8. Steph says:

    Bendy – Thanks! The peace and quiet at home is heaven!

    Grannymar – I’…m do…ing m…y be…st!

    Nancy – The sun came out yesterday to welcome me home and it hasn’t stopped shining since 😉 Seriously, it seemed to rain for the whole four weeks I was in hospital whereas the weather is gorgeous now.

    Baino – You’re always welcome any time. I’m sitting outdoors soaking up the Irish summer 😀

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