So What Happens Now?

Another page of the book has been turned. My head was reviewed again yesterday at the hospital and as the bone is still infected and discharging, the decision was taken to refer my case back to the specialist centre in Nottingham.

Being used to trouble, I anticipate it but all the same I hate it… wouldn’t you?  It’s anyone’s guess, what happens now.

Another Suitcase in Another Hall” is a song from the musical Evita with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

14 Responses to So What Happens Now?

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    Oh Steph, I’m sorry to hear this, even if it was expected. Did the specialist give you any idea when you might go to Notts?
    If you’re travelling through Liverpool do let me know?
    Lots of love and hugs BG Xx

  2. Annb says:

    Another Notts landing eh? It must be such a blow. I do hope you get it sorted this time. I’m so sorry to hear this latest chapter, I would be howling at the moon by now in your shoes. We’ll be sending you all our very best healing vibes for a successful trip. Big hugs from the west.

  3. Grannymar says:

    Steph, It was good to chat to you tonight. I hope the arrangements work out reasonably quickly for you and that this time they get to the root of the problem. Hugs.

  4. Steph says:

    Bendy – My regular surgeon was keen for me to go back to Notts last November but I dug my heels in and he kindly agreed to continue to oversee my care. We’ve now reached a stage where we’re both in agreement that further expertise is required so the sooner I can get to Notts the better.

    I will be reviewed by the surgeon who operated on my head last summer. I emailed his secretary yesterday enquiring if a scan will be required in advance of an appointment. To my surprise and delight, the surgeon replied in person, requesting more details of my present symptoms. I like his style! I await news of arrangements for my appointment.

    Ann – I’d anticipated I’d be told yesterday that Notts was on the cards so it wasn’t a shock as such but at the same time, I’d much rather it wasn’t happening. I might yet be tempted to try howling at the moon!

    Grannymar – It was good to talk with you, thanks.

    Before I was sent on my way yesterday (with a ‘Please Fix’ label stuck to my forehead), I braved the question and asked my doc what he thought the UK doc will recommend in terms of treatment. The reply I got was “he might be more adventurous with his drill than I am” !!! But he also added that it’s possible I’ll be sent back with instructions to continue treatment in Ireland. So, as I said above, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next.

  5. Nancy says:

    Dear Steph,

    I am so sorry this is happening to you again. You are a Saint to be so patient about it.

    We will all be thinking of you and praying that the Doctors in Nottingham come up with the perfect solution to your problem this go round.

    You have my best wishes for a complete recovery. Take good care of yourself.

    Cousin Nancy

  6. Steph says:

    Cousin Nancy – I’m sorry to have to bring you news like this again. One day, we will get to celebrate my recovery, I promise!

    I’ve had some more communication today from the surgeon in Notts. As expected, a scan has been requested and I’ll travel to Notts in early Feb for a consultation with the surgeon.

    While the bone remains infected, it doesn’t appear to have worsened since Christmas so fingers crossed it’ll behave itself until I get to see the expert!

  7. magnumlady says:

    Oh Steph I am so sorry. Your poor thing.
    Keep your chin up, thinking of you.


  8. Steph says:

    magnumlady – No need to be sorry but thanks anyhow.

    Thankfully, I’m not a worrier so I just get on with life as best I can by coping with one day at a time. Every so often, I have a downer about the situation but it doesn’t usually last long and I find it helps me to put things into perspective. Then it’s just a question of getting on with whatever has to be done!

    As if I needed to talk to you about coping mechanisms! 😀

  9. achelois says:

    I’m sorry I’m late I always am. I wrote about worry in a recent post on my blog. I have learnt recently that I think I compartmentalise my worry. If I can change a worry to a resolution I’ll try. You are so right when you say its a question of getting on with whatever has to be done. I just wish whatever has to be done didn’t have to be done. Thinking of you.

  10. Steph says:

    achelois – Cheers! What has to be done could be fairly minor or it may turn out to be pretty major and until I find out, I’m not going waste any time worrying about it.

    Yesterday, I booked myself onto a 10-week Italian (beginners) course ‘cos it’s something I’ve wanted to do since returning from a holiday in Italy two years ago. This is my way of telling myself “life goes on as normal” even when it doesn’t!

  11. Geri Atric says:

    Hi Steph, thinking of you and hoping for a speedy and complete recovery this time.

    The Italian course sounds a great idea! A lovely musical language. I can picture you wandering through the streets of Napoli in the Summertime, chomping on a delicious gelato and bartering fluently in the markets.. Ciao bella!

    (P.S. I don’t speak Italian. Just picked up a few words whilst managing a Pizzaria in Amsterdam about 20 years ago!).

  12. Steph says:

    Geri – Ciao! 😀

    The last time I visited Italy, we stayed in a mountain village where no-one spoke any English. I vowed that if ever I was to return, I’d equip myself first with a basic understanding of the language.

    Now, all I need is the offer of a holiday in Italy! 😉

  13. Zoe says:

    Hi Steph
    Sorry to hear that you are not getting any resolution, and have to go back to Nottingham again. How torturous to have to go back again.
    Best of luck with it. I’ll be thinking of you.
    Love Zoe

  14. Steph says:

    Zoe – Hello cousin! I like your choice of words.

    The trip back to Nottingham is indeed ‘torturous’. Not only is the day-trip a long haul physically (6am-11pm), it’s never easy re-tracing steps which hold memories of times you’d rather forget. Having said that, I’ve full confidence in the medical expertise available in Notts and it’s a privilege to have access to it.

    Fingers crossed, news is better than expected!

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