Notts It’s Not

I’ve been volcanoed. I was meant to be in Nottingham today for a post-operative review but with Irish airspace closed, I ain’t going nowhere. Unlike all those unfortunate people who are waiting desperately for a flight home, the flight cancellations have actually worked to my advantage. For once, luck has been on my side.

I woke this morning with a nasty ache in one side of my head. As the day has progressed, I’ve only partially succeeded in blocking out the pain with prescription painkillers. I’m no stranger to headaches like this so I’m well used to ploughing on with the day regardless but travelling by air, is a different story. I flew to the UK over Easter and it took days for my head to settle down afterwards. As a result, I wasn’t looking forward to today’s flights at all. When I woke up feeling rough this morning, the flight cancellations seemed all the sweeter.

The surgeon in Notts is away for the next few weeks so volcano permitting, I’ve booked another appointment to see him in mid-May. I wasn’t best pleased to find that the appointment falls on my birthday but there you go. You win some, you lose some and today, I’m happy to be the winner.

18 Responses to Notts It’s Not

  1. Grannymar says:

    Hopefully by mid May the skies will have cleared and Dr Notts have the best Birthday present ever!

  2. Baino says:

    How long is this thing going to last? Makes you wonder, it doesn’t look like dying down any time soon unless there’s a major atmospheric wind change. I have friends stranded all over the place. Take care of yourself in the meantime!

  3. Steph says:

    Grannymar – That sounds good and I’d happily settle for an end to trips to Nottingham.

    I did look into travelling by boat/train for today’s appointment but it involved a ferry trip, 3 train hops and a bus journey (each way) plus an overnight stay.

    When I fly, I can do the trip in a day for a fraction of the cost. Long live budget airlines!

    Baino – The volcano has apparently stopped erupting today and so they are talking about opening Ireland’s airspace again tomorrow in order to get stranded passengers home. They’ve warned that it’ll take until the end of the week (at least) to get flight schedules back on time and that’s only if there are no further eruptions in the meantime!

    Knowing my luck, the volcano will probably erupt just before I’m due to travel next month and all flights will be cancelled again 🙄

  4. Annb says:

    Hopefully this ill wind will blow you some good – like a clean bill of head health on your birthday! My entire support network are stuck in various airports across the globe – it’s a very strange feeling – mother, sister, parents-in-law and of course the other kidney all sitting it out on foreign shores.

    I was thinking that if they send up a test flight to establish the level of risk posed by the cloud, they should really have a responsible govt. rep. on board – maybe we could turn this mess to our advantage and send Mary Harney up!!
    You can’t say I didn’t try to find the positive side to all this 🙂

  5. Steph says:

    Annb – So sorry to hear of your family’s ongoing nightmare. When writing the above post, I was very aware that I’ve no reason to grumble when you consider all the people who’ve been seriously discommoded by this shut down of air travel. I hate to think of the costs involved, not only to individuals but also to our already ailing economy.

    I reckon the whole government cabinet would be needed for a test flight, don’t you? 😉

  6. achelois says:

    To Annb, I echo Steph’s words entirely and I am so sorry.

    I personally think it would be much better, clear skies permitting that the Consultant should hop on the plane and fly to you!

    I love your use of language and have not heard the word discommode for a long time. My daughter was lucky to study Latin at school as was my husband. I often wonder whether you have too.

    I hope your hemiplegic headache has abated by now. I am having a fight at the moment with prescription medications for pain that seem to keep me awake when I should sleep.

    I wouldn’t mind a test flight to be honest at the minute as it would probably induce a perforated eardrum which would be a blessed relief to be frank lol

    Jokes aside I have yet to speak to someone who doesn’t know another who has been volcanoed. A relative has just driven from England to Austria and back to rescue his 19 year old son plus others that could fit in the car. Son was taking a ski exam and had run out of money and was stranded.

    I feel also really sorry for the farmers in Iceland. Looking through these pictures tells their story.

    (not sure if the link would work but a copy & paste may, very worth it to see the superb if somewhat distressing photography)

    I also heard on Radio 4, that 40 (although that could have been 4, so please excuse me if I exaggerate I am very deaf presently) neurologists are stuck in a conference in the US and this is affecting the continuity of treatment of stem cell patients.

    To end on a brighter note I also think that many coach companies who may have been ailing in the present economic climate, business must be booming.

    Steph, a virtual hug for you at least we can all still virtually carry on as normal!

  7. Alexleej says:

    Hi Steph,

    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog – they made me teary-eyed!

    I hope that your head is feeling a little better. Is it only pain that you feel after flying? I am wondering if my dizzy spells have anything to do with the flight now that you mention it. I also wanted to ask you if you have any problems with your eyes. I know I get a dull ache behind my right eye for quite some time after surgery.

    I love your post on chocolate. Just wish I didn’t have to get my weight and cholesterol down! Although I suppose just one little bit won’t hurt.

    I hope that you are feeling calm about the wait until your next appointment as I understand only too well that although the lead up to them can be quite nerveracking, when you get the good news that everything is as it should be it is a wonderful relief. I hope that during the time leading up to it you don’t have to be hoovered too often and that you get wonderful news from Notts.

    Have a wonderful and peaceful day – sorry, but I am still languishing in the beauty of a silent London.

    Take care


  8. Steph says:

    achelois – Thanks for those wonderful pictures of Iceland. They really do tell a story.

    As regards my check-up appointment, it’s all about money I’m afraid. I’m trying to keep expenses to a minimum by booking an appointment that can be achieved as a day-trip while the Consultant is trying to see as many fee-paying patients as he can in a 3-hour clinic to boost his coffers.

    I did indeed study Latin at school and I loved it although I didn’t enjoy learning modern languages.

    My head has greatly eased today but it’s still far from settled. If I run into further trouble while awaiting the next appointment in Notts, I can see my surgeon here at the hospital any time. He’s been a real gem these last six months.

    I’m just so sorry to hear of your continuing pain and mobility issues. How I wish I could magic some more help your way.

    All the best!

    Alex – My head never fails to surprise me. I can fly home after major surgery with no increased pain at all and yet when I had the minor graft surgery a few months ago, the flight caused me significant discomfort.

    Your dizzy spells could well be related to flying although I have heard that there is a lot of labyrinthitis on the go this year (see link).

    I know Stemetil is a drug used to treat dizziness but if it doesn’t gradually settle, you should definitely get it checked out.

    I’m very familiar with dull pain behind my right eye. It’s always the same eye and sometimes the pain becomes so acute, I swear my eye is going pop. Yesterday’s headache started with that dull ache behind the eye and then the pain spread out above and below my eye and into my jaw.

    I was looking forward to getting reassurance about my head yesterday as it’s been so slow to heal. I was warned by the Notts surgeon that it would take a full 2 months to heal but at the time I just thought he was being overly dramatic. I only have to pick up the phone and my surgeon here fits me into his clinic at the hospital. I’d have been lost without his back-up in the post-op phase.

    Long may you continue to languish and allow nature to work it’s magic!

  9. Bendy Girl says:

    I can totally relate to this kind of disappointment yet relief that a trip’s been cancelled. Hope you’re feeling better very soon and a hassle free journey is in the near future. Lots of love, BG Xx

  10. Steph says:

    Bendy – Thanks. It takes one to know one, eh? 😀

    No headache today despite a long day spent in a stuffy nursing home. I never was one to do things normally.

    I’m sorry for being so out of touch recently. I will pop over to visit you real soon.

  11. Lily says:

    Steph, even an Ash cloud has a silver lining. On the other hand it’s probably your positive outlook that sees the positive in every situation. I’m glad for you that your Irish consultant is so supportive. It sure makes such a difference.

    Here’s hoping that you soon get some well-deserved relief.

  12. Steph says:

    Lily – Thanks. I like that analogy of the silver lining.

    My Irish consultant deserves a medal for surviving me. I know I’m not the only one hoping for some well-deserved relief!

  13. Alexleej says:

    Labyrinthitis heh, sounds very mythical and then I look at the link and it just sounds like my dizzy mind!

    Thanks for the link, Steph. I am feeling more post op after losing a few massive bogeys from up my nosies. Just the dull ache down one side of my face and a ticky eye – aren’t we so lucky!

    So the skies have re-opened. I am on the flight path to land at Heathrow and as soon as the clock ticked 10 last night there was a flurry of metal birdies but this morning it is mainly quiet as they decide what to do next to rectify the situation.

    I absolutely loved the photos of the volcano. How awesome is our planet?

    I hope the sky is as bright with you as it is here and that you can enjoy your day.

  14. Steph says:

    Alex – I too live on a flight path. It was 10am this morning before the roar of engines could be heard overhead. It’s hard to believe how accustomed we’ve become to this noise over time.

    We’d really clear skies here today with beautiful hot sunshine but it’s gone distinctly chilly this evening.

    Here’s to a bogey-free existence!

  15. Geri Atric says:

    Oh Steph! It never ‘rains but it pours’ for you, does it? And this time it’s pouring ash.

    Hopefully the pain in your head will subside enough to be bearable (I know it won’t stop until the infection has cleared up).

    Don’t want to be an alarmist – but perhaps you should book a boat-ferry ticket for May? I heard an Icelandic scientist on t.v. yesterday, hinting that the second, larger volcano next to Eyjafjallthingummyflip, is showing signs of stirring….!

  16. Geri Atric says:

    P.S., Seems I was a bit premature over the ferry thing. Have just read your comment to Grannymar!

  17. Steph says:

    Geri – No need to worry, I’m in good hands with the surgeon here in Ireland and he will see me whenever.

    My head has eased again thankfully. My only regret about not getting to Notts this week is that I would have welcomed some reassurance from the boss cat that all is as expected. Only time will tell on that one.

    Eyjafjallthingummyflip and his big brother had better behave themselves for the next few weeks, or else!

  18. […] Icelandic volcano erupted 4 weeks ago causing the cancellation of my trip to Nottingham, I left a comment on my blog saying, “Knowing my luck, the volcano will erupt just before I’m due to travel next month […]

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