What a week!

It all started last Sunday. We had some visitors staying and I wrongly assumed that my constantly recurring headache was as a result of the extra workload. I’m well-accustomed to popping pain relievers in order to function normally and I make no apology for it. As anyone who suffers from a chronic condition will know, it’s the only way to get things done. The secret however, is knowing when to shout for help.

When I dragged myself out of bed last Monday morning I knew I was in trouble. I’d barely slept a wink overnight as my headache was no longer responding to pain killers. As luck would have it, I’d a hospital appointment already booked with the surgeon for the following morning so expert help was at hand.

By the time the surgeon got to examine my head on Tuesday morning, I was in so much pain I could barely talk. A few hours later, I was lying inside an MRI scanner having a brain scan to rule out a possible brain abscess. Thankfully, nothing of this nature was diagnosed although a nasty infection was visible at the site of my recent surgery.

The same evening, my daughter arrived home from her work placement in a hospital, looking like death. She was suffering a flu-like reaction to travel vaccinations received the day before. Despite running a very high temperature overnight and still looking very pale the next morning, she insisted on going back to work. By lunchtime, she was in A&E of the hospital having developed a severe nose bleed while on the wards. Her nose had to be cauterised to stem the flow of blood and she limped home to bed for the second evening in a row.

The next day, I woke with horrible nausea and the return of colitis as a result of the antibiotics prescribed to treat my head. I had no choice but to lie very low that day.

On Friday morning, my husband was admitted to hospital for a cataract operation. Having collected him from the hospital at lunchtime and brought him home to recover, I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon but no such luck. One of our cats appeared with his tail bent double and I knew immediately that an urgent trip to the vet was in store. Last year, this same cat became very unwell having developed an abscess in his tail (most likely from a bite from another cat) and the tell-tale sign was a drooping tail. So, Friday afternoon was spent getting the cat sorted with an antibiotic.

As if the week hadn’t been testing enough, Saturday morning started with an early morning trip to bring the eye patient back to the hospital for a routine check. Having delivered the patient safely home again, I then attended a funeral before spending the afternoon at the nursing home where both of my parents are in rapid decline at the moment.

Today, apart from frequent trips to the loo, I’ve done nothing but loll around in the garden enjoying the sunshine. The pain in my head has eased but I’m not out of the woods yet. If I go quiet again next week, please don’t worry. Wimbledon fortnight starts tomorrow. Bring it on!

10 Responses to What a week!

  1. BendyGirl says:

    Oh Steph! What a week for you all. How are kitty and daughter doing now? I’m sure EDS is a gene designed to attract these kinds of trials and tribulations in life!
    Here’s hoping for a fortnight of lovely weather, great tennis and accelerated healing for you all. Hugs BG Xx

  2. Geri Atric says:

    OMG – it never rains but it pours! What a catalogue of horrible events Steph. My heart goes out to you, it really does.

    Luckily, as you say, there is Wimbeldon (!) and (fingers crossed) lots of sunshine – and hopefully a period of healing, comfort and distraction.

    Now grab a large quantity of Champers and strawberries gal, gather up that little cat cosily onto your knee, turn on the telly and snuggle up to hubby! Enjoy!

    P.S. I took a peek at the ‘hats’/bandanas (very jolly!). You look good Steph. That eyebrow scar is worked away very well and the ‘dent’ hardly noticable at all. And anyway (echoing your own sentiments) what does it matter? A mark or two as we go through life…

    I have a large scar on my chin (although now faded a bit from what it was), caused by an exploding tin of rotton cat food. I didn’t notice until afterwards that the tin was slightly ‘bulbous’ – and so had just started pulling at the lid, when it suddenly flew off like a bomb and sliced upwards through my chin, just missing my nose, before ricocheting off the ceiling and landing behind the fridge! Gassy, stinking rotton meat everywhere – cats flying in all directions fur on end…. and oh (shudder) the stink from that tin! It had me gasping and retching and staggering around trying to cup my pouring, bleeding chin – and cursing admirably!! This happened in Amsterdam 10 years ago. A good place to have a scar on ones face – you get real respect on the streets!!

  3. Grannymar says:

    Rest plenty and enjoy Wimbledon fortnight! Are strawberries and cream allowed on the menu?

  4. Annb says:

    Good God Steph you should slap a government health warning on your front door! You poor thing what a nightmare. I hope the storm has passed and the only rushing around you do for the next two weeks is a dash to the fridge between sets! Enjoy the well-deserved rest.

  5. Oh Steph! It sounds like a total nightmare of a week – I think you’re right, lying low for a bit is the best way forward. Take really good care of yourself, see, and go gently. Hope everyone, including the cat, is better soon!

  6. Steph says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind support.

    Everyone here is doing fine this week so far except me, of course!

    I’ve had another rough day, unfortunately. My headache returned with a vengeance last night and has barely eased despite large doses of pain relief every 4-6 hours since.

    Wimbledon was a good distraction today but it would be much more enjoyable without the headache. It’s back to the hospital tomorrow if it doesn’t ease overnight.

    Apologies for the universal reply. Looking at a computer screen is no fun at the moment. Fingers crossed tomorrow brings relief.

  7. magnumlady says:

    Oh you poor thing. I hope you are feeling better soon Steph xx

  8. Steph says:

    magnumlady – Thanks. I’m afraid, I’m still in the wars today.

    I was seen at the hospital again this morning as the headache is still really bad. Unfortunately, my own specialist was called away to an urgent meeting just as I arrived at the clinic so I was seen by a registrar who is familiar with my case.

    The donor site for the graft has still not healed (now 4 months post-op) so samples of the raw tissue were removed today for analysis to see if a new bug has moved in on the scene. If this is the case, I will change antibiotic according to the new culture and sensitivity.

    The cause of the headache is still a mystery. The pain is horribly reminiscent of previous problems I’ve had with abscess formation in my skull. Thankfully, last week’s MRI scan gave the all-clear in this regard so I remain hopeful that conservative treatment (pain relief) will be all that’s required to get my head to settle down again. I’ve just gotta be patient.

  9. Baino says:

    Holy Moley you’ve had a week of it, even the cat got in the act. Wimbledon? What’s Wimbledon? Don’t you know there’s a world cup on at the moment? Relax Steph, hope all settles down ASAP.

  10. Steph says:

    Baino – I’m delighted to be able to report that my headache is receding again. I got up this morning feeling rotten but thankfully as the day progressed, so did I! Wimbledon is the best drug ever.

    I’ve had a lovely day glued to the tennis on the telly which ended with a match to beat all records. The match has lasted over 9 hours so far (spread between 2 days) with 118 games played (59-59) in the 5th set alone before it was suspended due to failing light.

    This sort of heroic feat makes World Cup football look like a sport for wimps!

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