No words

I’ll cut to the chase.

I’ve just had a personal call from my surgeon. It’s not good news.

The swab of pus taken last week from the sphenoid sinuses in the centre of my skull, is MRSA positivehere we go again!

No words can adequately describe how I feel right now.

16 Responses to No words

  1. Annb says:

    Oh Steph, what can I do to help? Much love xx Ann

  2. BendyGirl says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Huge hugs & love. BG Xx

  3. Cathy says:

    So sorry to hear that, Steph. xx

  4. magnumlady says:

    Oh Steph, I’m so sorry. Big hugs xx

  5. Alex says:

    Oh Steph, I am gutted for you. Take whatever you need to deal with this. You never know – it may bring the end sooner than you could imagine.

    I am just home again after have a free flap from my leg put into the sinus and having the bone graft and titanium removed completely so I have a dent on one side and lump on the other and I feel free of infection already. I will let you know how it goes and if you want to chat at anytime let me know. They put the free flap in to give more healthy tissue on site to feed the antibiotics and I am very optimistic. Although I will be having another pro-longed course of the anti b’s.

    I am aware that you have different sinus passages to deal with but lets hope that it is easily contained. I am hoping, praying and willing for you xxx

  6. Grannymar says:

    Hugs and know I am with you all the way! The candle is burning brightly.

  7. Knipex says:

    Steph you really are due some good luck.

    On the plus side I was talking to a microbiologist last week an he told me that they now have more antibiotics to deal with MRSA than he has to deal with Staph. He was surprisingly positive about their current ability to treat these infections.

    When you next meet him I would advise that you request a meeting with the microbiologist to discuss your history of infections and previous treatment.

  8. Jeanie says:

    Steph, I am gutted for you. My thoughts are with you; express flight from NZ. All my love and big hugs. xxxxxx

  9. Lily says:

    I am gutted Steph, we’re rooting for you.

  10. Achelois says:

    Steph Steph, every fibre of me is shouting no no no. You have beaten this before and I feel that you will again. Do they take enough into consideration the EDS I wonder when treating you. Less is more? I don’t have the answers and I understand how low this news and the impact it has had through the lack of words in your post. Every bit of me is willing you through this. Don’t go silent, keep talking wherever the words take you. I’ll be here listening.

  11. Steph says:


    Apologies for answering en masse. I really want to thank each one of you for your support today. It has helped more than you could ever imagine.

    I realise that most people are probably scared of a diagnosis of MRSA. I certainly was when I was first diagnosed 5 years ago. I’m now a lot more knowledgeable about it and this is helping me to keep things in perspective. I didn’t have a blog to turn to the first time around and so I already feel better equipped to fight the bugger this time.

    It’s too early to comment further on today’s news except to say that I’m still trying to get my head around having joined the MRSA club once more.

    Please don’t worry about me, I’m in good hands.

    More anon.

  12. jenny says:

    Hey Steph,
    Really sorry to hear your news, i have missed your blog over the past 6 months but im delighted to be back following you.

    You are an exceptionally strong, positive and determined person. Nobody knows more than yourself about the rollercoaster that is MRSA but you are inspirational to me in every sense of the word.

    You’re an amazing lady.

  13. Nancy says:

    Dear Steph,

    What terribly bad news for you. I’m so sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and wish only the best for you.

    I know how brave you are and how, when things seem worst, you always manage to come up trumps with your wonderful personality and positive attitude.

    We will be with you in your treatment and please know that we are all pulling for you.

    Love from Cousin Nancy

    • Steph says:


      Sorry to have caused you worry. I’ve just put up a new post to reassure everyone that there is no need for concern as things stand at the moment.

      Fingers crossed!

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