Gone Surfing

I was busily rinsing out my hair sinuses with shampoo this morning (please don’t ask why) when I heard the doorbell ring. Quickly wiping away any telltale bubbles from my face, I rushed downstairs to answer the door only to be greeted by our cheery postman who was waiting patiently to thrust a parcel into my hands. To my surprise and delight, the parcel was addressed to me! Hoping there might be some chocolates inside, I ripped it open only to find that it contained a box of this. Darn! 😦

I’ve no idea who sent me this present* as there was no enclosed note – the only clue is a Royal Mail sticker?

So… if you are the mystery benefactor and you happen to read this…. damn you! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I’m off to practice surfing now.

* SinuSurf surfactant is an easy to use water soluble product that facilitates deeper cleansing and helps remove excess mucus and dried crusts out of nasal passages when mixed with a buffered isotonic saline solution.

6 Responses to Gone Surfing

  1. Grannymar says:

    Not me. Honest injuns missus, I never heard of the product until now.

    • Steph says:

      Don’t worry Grannymar… you’re not under suspicion!

      When I was seen in Notts a few weeks ago, the surgeon told me that he was going to talk to the company who produce these sinus rinse products to find out the exact percentage of baby shampoo recommended, to be added to the normal sinus rinse to make it more efficient.

      I suspect that after speaking with the surgeon, the company decided to send me a bottle of their commercial surfactant (which appears to offer the same benefit as adding 1% shampoo) in the hope of tempting me to buy their product instead.

      I find the baby shampoo very safe and easy to use in the sinus rinse so I’m not tempted by their product unless someone informs me otherwise.

      Now I’m waiting for Nancy to come along and tell me that it’s a vinegar rinse I need! 😉

  2. Achelois says:

    Not me either, do not know your address.

    With EDS I always have to use half dose of any solution due to fragile tissue.

    This product seems good, do let us know. Does it bubble.

    How are you?

    • Steph says:

      Thanks, Achelois

      See comment above. I used the commercial surfactant this morning and to be honest, I didn’t notice any difference between using it or the 1% shampoo. Both produce bubbles and form a non-irritating sinus rinse.

      Contrary to what many people may think, I do not have a problem with excess mucus in my head. My problem is delayed healing following surgery leaving me prone to infection and this as you know, is a hallmark of EDS. The constant rawness in my head acts as an irritant causing crusting in the airway which in turn delays healing. Twice daily sinus rinse outs have always been a part of my post-operative care so it’s no big deal doing this as part of my normal daily routine now. If it promotes healing and keeps me free of infection, then I’m more than happy to do what it takes.

      My head is otherwise pretty good at the moment so I feel well apart from having painful joints (especially in my lower back). I’ve not had any really acute episodes of sinus infection so far this year leaving me to believe that perhaps the worst is over and I can begin to look forward to better times ahead.

      Only time will tell on that one however. Thanks for asking anyhow!

  3. Annb says:

    I was trying to come up with a witty greeting but could only manage the following: best bubble forward! Pretty lame I know but the flu has damped my spark! Glad to hear things seem to be going well. Take care xx

    • Steph says:

      Thanks, Ann.

      It’s not fair you having flu in this fine Spring weather.

      I could send you some baby shampoo to help bring back your sparkle? 😉

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