August 29, 2008

This Sunday night, RTE will broadcast ‘Whistleblower‘ the first of a 2-part drama series based on the true events outlined in the enquiry into irregular obstetric practices at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda. The Lourdes Hospital Inquiry Report by Judge Maureen Harding Clark was published two and a half years ago and highlighted the plight of 129 women whose lives were blighted forever by unnecessary caesarian-hysterectomies carried out by obstetrician, Dr. Michael Neary. The investigation described the number of peripartum hysterectomies performed at Drogheda as “truly shocking”. It’s probably the worst case of systems failure in Irish medical history. It took the tremendous bravery of a midwife to blow the whistle in 1998, to put a stop to the wrong doing.

Dr Michael Neary has never explained the failure in his duty of care to his patients nor has he ever apologised. What he did was tantamount to abuse over a period of 30 years, he ruined people’s lives. How did this happen? How could 129 women lose their wombs unnecessarily? The vast majority of these women were young, 25 of them were first-time mothers. The report praised the management of the hospital and the health board for dealing promptly and appropriately in setting up the investigation to take-on the consultant. However, opinions still vary on the reasons why Dr. Neary did what he did and nobody, except Dr. Neary, knows the real answer.

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