Matters of the Heart

If you’re into real-life medical documentaries, then Superdocs is for you. This new 3-part series features some of Northern Ireland’s leading surgeons and the dramatic stories of the patients in their care. The series follows the patients and their loved ones as they prepare themselves for their surgery, learning of their hopes and fears before their operations; witnessing the drama in the operating theatre; and meeting up with them after their operations to see how their lives have changed.

superdocsEarlier tonight, I watched the first programme in the series and was on the edge of my seat throughout. The focus was on cardiac surgery – Matters of the Heart – where viewers got an insight into the intricacies of a triple coronary artery bypass operation and also two further aortic valve replacement operations. It made for compelling viewing.

Next week’s programme – The Brain Doctors – will feature neurosurgery while the final programme – Quality of Life – follows the work of a plastic surgeon and a breast surgeon. Don’t miss it!

SUPERDOCS  Mondays  9pm  BBC 1  NI

3 Responses to Matters of the Heart

  1. Grannymar says:

    How modern medicine and surgery have improved!

    My uncle died while waiting to have two heart valves replaced in 1966. At that time this surgery was considered to be pushing the boundaries of medical science and was unheard of in Irish hospitals. There was ONE team in Guys Hospital in London, and they carried out this procedure on one patient a month. The aftercare was part of their province.

    My uncle was listed for July, but the June patient had a relapse so my Uncle’s operation was delayed until September. The whole team took holidays in August. My uncle did make it back to London in September, very much weaker, and died before he got to theatre.

  2. Baino says:

    Are they paying you a commission? We have something similar here “Royal Prince Alfred” which documents the comings and goings of one of our major hospitals – intriguing – but always gory just about on dinner time.

  3. Steph says:

    Grannymar – That’s a sad story. They explained in last night’s programme that a faulty valve results in the heart having to work harder. This causes an enlarged heart and unlike other muscles in our body, the heart muscle reaches a point where it loses effectiveness i.e heart failure develops. That’s why it’s important to repair/replace heart valves once they have been diagnosed as defective.

    You are absolutely right about how much medicine has changed. In 1966, open heart surgery was only undertaken as a last resort. These days 30 major cardiac operations are performed at the RVH Belfast EACH week!

    Baino – I’d willingly pay to watch programmes like these. The good ones, like Superdocs (BBC) and Surgeons (RTE), tell the whole story of what goes on in hospital. You also get an insight into the reality of life as a surgeon. I find such stuff riveting and NOTHING will lure me away once I get into it. I advertise it purely so that other fanatics like me, get to hear about a new series.

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