Plant a Daff

March 10, 2009

Over 25, 000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in Ireland this year. There is virtually no family in the country which has not been touched by cancer. The Irish Cancer Society depends on voluntary contributions to help provide free nationwide patient care and support. Daffodil Day is a chance for everyone in Ireland to make the biggest difference to the lives of those affected by cancer. Please buy a silk daffodil pin on Friday 20th March, and wear your daffodil to show your support.

This year, the Irish Cancer Society will be planting the Garden of Hope, a beautiful garden of daffodils at Ashtown Castle in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. This garden will mark a new era for Ireland and each daffodil will symbolise the brave Irish people who have stood up in the fight against cancer.

In the last week, every house in the country should have received a letter with your own Garden of Hope daffodil. You are asked to use it to celebrate a loved one, who has fought or is fighting cancer.  All you need to do is write your message, or simply a name or two on the back of your ‘press-out’ daffodil and send it with a donation to the Irish Cancer Society by Saturday 14th March.

daffodilsAlternatively, you can plant a virtual daffodil in the Garden of Hope to symbolise a loved one and show your support by donating online.

Visit Plant your own Daff and write a message to accompany your daffodil in the Garden. You can then email your ‘Daff’ to friends and encourage them to plant their own daffodils.

You can make your online donation here to support the Irish Cancer Society and help them reach their Daffodil Day fund-raising goal of €4.25 million this year.

I planted a virtual daffodil last night in memory of my brother and made an online donation. It couldn’t be easier so get planting now.